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Student Story

Kaitlyn Holley

Kaitlyn Holley shares how she found a home at Johnson University. "I did not know I could love college so much until coming to Johnson."

Student Story

Daniele DeLucco

Daniele DeLucco shares how Johnson University has prepared her for life after college. "I think if we can highlight the beauty of diversity and the beauty of different cultures, it just changes the way we look at things."

Student Story

Moriah Schreiber

Moriah discusses what it's like to be a student of color on Johnson's campus and how she found a passion for social justice and leadership. "I've had to learn how to listen, and how to learn from others, and how to exercise compassion and patience, and it's been really fruitful for me."

Student Story

Kayla Hefner

Kayla shares how the courses she’s taken at Johnson have changed her view on the Bible and changed her life. "The professors have taught me new ways to live my life, and how to view my life differently."

Student Story

Joy Gergis

Joy feels supported as a first-generation student and has big dreams for her future! "Every student has something so unique to offer that will make the world so much better if we truly believe in our potential to be great, and Johnson prepares you for that."

Student Story

Sierra Mehlenbacher

Sierra is learning about the Bible and about herself at Johnson University Florida. "The professors genuinely care about you and they want the best for you."

Student Story

Journey Bennington

Since coming to JU, Journey has grown both in her faith and in her career skills! "My favorite thing about Johnson is the community I serve with."

Student Story

Gracie Jones

Gracie Jones believes Johnson University transforms you through the relationships you build and the way God reveals himself. "It feels like an honor to be called a Johnson Sun," she says.

Student Story

Kevin Ewing

Kevin is a Johnson senior who plays baseball. He says, "Johnson allows you to explore who you are and learn more about yourself. They will welcome you with open arms just as you are."

Student Story

Ryan Spidell

Ryan is a sophomore who loves the JUFL experience. "The general vibe and energy that's here around campus is so welcoming and inviting."

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Thursday, Feb 17, 2022
The 2022 Faith and Justice Summit, February 17-18, 2022, calls participants to engage with and take action on issues of faith and justice...
Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022
We’re looking forward to Homecoming 2022! February 22-24, 2022 “The Story of Our Belief” Mark Nelson (’87, ’21 M.A.), Director...
Friday, Mar 04, 2022
The weekend of March 4, Johnson University will hold two events for students interested in ministry. March 4-6, 2022 is Pursue, a conference...
Saturday, Mar 05, 2022
Mission drift is both real and widespread. From businesses to schools to churches, all are susceptible to the subtle pull of mission drift....