DB Douglas Banister Lecturer, Arts and Sciences
Cindy Barnard Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
AOB Alan OW Barnes Associate Professor of Digital Art and Design
Andrew Bassler Grounds/Landscaping Technician
Sarah Bassler Assistant Registrar
Derrick Beam Construction Lead Supervisor
Leslie Bean Director of Human Resources
Catherine Beard Assistant Registrar
Charles Beckett Adjunct, Bible and Theology
AB Ashley Bergman University Counseling Center Therapist and Lecturer
JB Jason Bintz Associate Professor of Mathematics, Director of Mathematics Program
Charlene Bond Administrative Assistant
RB Rick Bower Library Assistant
Brent Brewer Professor of Intercultural Studies
Carl Bridges Professor of New Testament
Matthew Broaddus Dean, School of Communication and Creative Arts
RB Ryan Bruce Head Coach, Women's Softball
Tori Cannon Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Ryan Cate Graduate and Online Admissions Counselor
Sarah Cathey Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for the Sciences, Professor of Natural Science
Tyson Chastain Director of Church Relations
JC Jan Christy Library Assistant
Richard Clark Vice President for External Relations and Chief Advancement Officer
Steve Cook Professor of Old Testament
MC Mark Cooper HVAC/Mechanical Technician
BC Brad Cox Grounds/Landscape Department Supervisor
AC Alicia Crumpton Ph.D. Program Director, Professor of Leadership Studies
Pete Cummins Professor of Counseling
Marsha Cunningham Executive Assistant to the President
Judy Davis Accounts Payable Manager
Weldon Davis Brown Hall Resident Director
Carol Decker Professor of Business and Nonprofit Administration
Nathan Diambra Graduate and Online Admissions Counselor, Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
MD Melissa Drinnon Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Special Education
SD Scott Dunlap Materials Management Technician
Karen Eastep Director of Early Childhood Learning Center and Lecturer in Education
Denny Eaton Library Assistant
Luke Edwards IT Support Coordinator
Trevor Egli Professor of Sport and Fitness Leadership
Emily Eisenhart Director of University Counseling Center
Kelly Estes Director of Academic Support and Instructor
Philip Eubanks Assistant Vice President for Stewardship and Planned Giving
Becky Eveland Administrative Assistant, Web and Social Media Manager
Dave Eveland Instructional Designer and Instructor, Online Education
Mary Everett Administrative Assistant
Ben Fair Assistant Athletic Director and Head Coach, Men's Baseball
DF Derek Faircloth Director of Operations
Glenn Feaster Director of Information Technology
AF Anna Fickley Future of Hope Recruitment Specialist and Program Coordinator
DF Daniel Fife Grounds/Landscape Technician
Judith Finchum Facilities Services Office Manager
Josh Fish Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Timothy Fisher IT Systems Analyst
Sally Folden Administrative Assistant/Lecturer in Spanish
Andrew Frazier Registrar
KF Kendra Fullwood Associate Professor of English, Rhetoric, and Composition
JG Jonah German Assistant Coach, Men's and Women's Basketball
KG Kristi Gilmore Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
TG Terry Golightly Instructional Designer and Technologist, Online Education
JG Joe Gordon Associate Professor, Bible and Theology
Heather Gorman Professor of New Testament
James Gorman Associate Professor of History
Sho Gray Head Coach, Men's and Women's Cross Country
Joe Green Electrician
Vicki Green Shipping Manager
AG Aaron Greene IT Client Services Technician
SG Scott Greene HVAC Lead Supervisor
Tonya Greene Administrative Assistant
Lisa Hale Teacher Education Resource Coordinator
SH Seth Hale Head Coach, Men's and Women's Tennis
TH Todd Halliburton Head Coach, Women's Soccer
KH Kristel Headley Professor of Counseling; LPC-MHSP, ACS
JH Jonathan Howard Grounds/Landscape Team Leader
TH Todd Howell Lecturer, Arts and Sciences
Duan Hua Head of International Student Relations
Landon Huffman Associate Professor of Sport and Fitness Leadership
Tim Huggins Campus Security Supervisor
Karla Hunt Office Manager
Seth Hunt Database Administrator
John Jaeger Assistant Librarian
AJ Amy James Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Charles Jirkovsky Assistant Professor of Music
Jennifer Johnson Chief Communications Officer
Kenny Johnson Mailroom Manager
MJ Matt Johnson Director of Community Engagement
Richard Johnson Locksmith
Missy Keck Office Manager
John Ketchen Associate Provost for Online Education, Professor of Speech and Education
April Conley Kilinski Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for the Humanities, Professor of English and Literature
Mike King Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
Tony Krug Professor of Educational Technology
Deborah Lane Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life
Stuart Large Director of Media Services
David Legg Vice President for Student Services
Brian Leslie Program Director and Associate Professor of Youth and Children's Ministries
Gregory Linton Vice Provost for Academic Services, Professor of New Testament
Kim Linton Administrative Analyst
TL Tony Long Housekeeping Team Leader
Carrie Beth Lowe Library Director
GL Gregory Loy Electrician Supervisor
Ben Lutz Director of Facilities Services
Carla Lutz Mailroom Coordinator
Gerald Mattingly Professor of Intercultural Studies, Honors Program Director
Pam Mattingly Administrative Assistant
Cliff McCartney Vice President for Administration
Kirk McClelland Professor of Service Learning, Director of Service Engagement and First-Year Programs
Ryan McDaniel Admissions Event Coordinator and Admissions Counselor
Jason Mead Associate Professor of History
Kealy Mead Health Services Coordinator
Jody Miller Administrative Assistant
Roy Miller Dean, Templar School of Education
Michael Moore Director of Career Services and Lecturer, Communication and Creative Arts
Camden Morgante Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Perry Morin Environment, Health, and Safety Lead Supervisor
Mekinna Morris Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Learning Center
Cindi Norton Public Health Program Director, Professor of Health Education
Carrie Overdorf Executive Assistant of University Hospitality
Daniel Overdorf Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Jody Owens Professor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries
David Page Electrician
JP Jacob Payton Housekeeping Team Leader
Brandon Perry Athletic Director and Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Jerome Prinston Professor of Bible and Education
Paulette Prinston Architectural Designer, Lecturer in French
SP Spenser Proctor Men's Soccer Coach
Chris Reid Plumber/Mechanical Technician
Linda Reid Administrative Assistant
Wilbur Reid MBA Program Director, Professor of Organizational Leadership
Janet Richard Accountant
Beth Ridge Academic Advisor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sean Ridge Professor of Counseling
Pat Robinette Intern Coordinator of Education
Jonathan Robinson Associate Director of Facilities Services
Andrea Rodriguez Administrative Assistant
Rafael Rodriguez Professor of New Testament
Nicole Saylor Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Julee Schultz Student Accounts Advisor
NS Nate Seevers Printshop Coordinator
MS Michael Shannon Indiana Program Director, Professor of Congregational Ministry
Lauren Shears Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Matt Shears Director of Alumni Relations
Alyssa Shepherd Lead Technical Director, Video Production
Heidi Sise Library Assistant
TS Tori Skolosh Cashier/Afternoon Receptionist
CS Carletta Smelcer University Counseling Center Therapist and Lecturer
Debbie Smith First Lady and Director of University Hospitality
Emily Smith Administrative Assistant
Tommy Smith President
Jeff Snell Dean, School of Congregational Ministry, Director of Preaching Ministries
Gary David Stratton Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Andrea Stricklen Campus Bookstore Manager
John Stricklen Administrative Assistant and Affiliate Faculty
Mike Stricklen General Maintenance Team Leader
RS Ronald Strohe General Maintenance Team Leader
Betty Ann Sykes Receptionist
Lisa Tarwater Chief Admissions Officer
Chris Templar Director of Educational Technology, Professor of Education
Cana Thompson Johnson Hall Resident Director
VT Vance Tibbetts Housekeeping Supervisor
Clyde Timbs Webmaster and Bulk Mail Supervisor
ST Sherry Timbs Housekeeping Team Leader
Brian Trammel Work-Study Program and Hourly Payroll Coordinator
Don Trentham Director of Music Education Program, Professor of Music
Ken Underwood Director of Campus Recreation
TV Ted VanderEnde Adjunct Professor, Bible and Theology
DV Donnie Vannoy Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
RV Robin Vannoy Women's Volleyball Coach
Dylan Voorhees Lead Technical Director, Audio Production
Kristen Voorhees Administrative Assistant
Nikki Votaw Director of Education Graduate Studies, Professor of Education
Jon Weatherly Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Tammie Weatherly Recruitment Team Coordinator
Brent Weaver Director of Worship Program, Associate Professor of Music
Jerilyn Weaver Student Services Coordinator
GW Gary Weedman President Emeritus, Special Assistant to the President for University Partnerships
Mark Weedman Professor of Philosophy and Ethics
Abby Wheeler Administrative Coordinator, Urban Alliance
David Wheeler Associate Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Congregational MInistry
RW Ron Wheeler Professor of English and Literature
Chase White Administrative Assistant
Linda Whitmer Dean, School of Intercultural Studies
Steve Whitmer Intercultural Studies Online Program Director, Professor of Intercultural Studies
JW Joe Whittaker Lead Supervisor, Utility Maintenance
Emili Williams Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
JW James Williams Construction Technician
BW Ben Wilson Lead Graphic Designer
EW Erica Wilson Lecturer, Arts and Sciences
Joy Wingfield Director of Program Administration
William Wolf Dean of the Chapel
Kenneth Woodhull Executive Director of Urban Alliance, Professor of Intercultural Studies
AY Ashley Young Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Mark Young Video Producer
Mark Ziese Dean, School of Bible and Theology
Jacob Zoch Financial Aid Counselor
Hazel Zook Clerical Assistant
Diane Adams Associate Registrar
Andrea Archuleta Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Marla Black Associate Librarian
Catherlyn Brim Dean, School of Business and Public Leadership
Jeff Brown Associate Professor, Business and Public Leadership
Nealy Brown Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Michael Chambers Executive Vice President
Rory Christensen Associate Professor, Congregational Ministry
Cathleen Cottrell Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Jacob Cox Interim Director of Plant Services
Micaela Cox Student Community and Resident Director
Amber Craft Young Alumni Coordinator and Advancement Office Manager
Dirk Donahue Director of Creative Arts
Kendi Howells Douglas Assistant Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies, Professor of Intercultural Studies
Bruce Dusterhoft Associate Director of Human Resources
Lora Erickson Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Douglas Feaster Information Technology Technician
Monti Ferris Library Support Services Assistant
Terrance Fisher Head Chef
Rob Fleenor Assistant Professor, Bible and Theology
Andy Gines Athletics Admissions Counselor and Designated School Official (International Students)
SG Shawn Grant Associate Professor of Humanities, Director of First-Year Programs
Wendy Guthrie Assistant Dean of the Templar School of Education, Professor of Education
Les Hardin Professor, Bible and Theology
Eliot Hernandez Athletic Director, Women's Basketball Coach
Aaron Keese Program Director for Sport and Fitness Leadership, Associate Professor of Sport and Fitness Leadership
David Mahfood Assistant Professor, Bible and Theology
Mindy Marengo-Sardinas Latino Community Liaison
Landis McCoy Assistant Athletic Director and Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Bob Mehlenbacher Food Service Manager
Kevin Miles Media Services Specialist
Lynnette Mojica-Rivera Admissions Office Manager
Bill O’Boyle Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
Sandi Peppard Associate Dean of Students
Zack Peterson Campus Services/Chapel/Service Learning Coordinator
Ruth Reyes Assistant Dean of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Professor of Music
Whitney Rudolph Campus Services Coordinator
Twila Sias Professor of Congregational Ministry and Arts and Sciences
Kianna Spivey Financial Aid Counselor
Linda Stark Technical Services Librarian
Susan Sydor Accounting Coordinator
Griffin Tate Admissions Counselor
Garrett Thompson Assistant Director of Academic Support and Career Services
Norma Thompson Assistant Food Service Manager
Alan Tison Director of Advancement
Gayla Wood Administrative Assistant
JZ Jessica Zaffarese Administrative Assistant
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