Johnson University Admissions Policy

Purpose and Mission Fit
Johnson University exists to carry out a specific mission:

Johnson University educates students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations framed by the Great Commission in order to extend the kingdom of God among all nations.

In accordance with its mission, Johnson University seeks to enroll students who are committed to specialized Christian service or who have a serious purpose to profit from a Christian education. Admission to the University is based on evidence that an applicant has Christian character and motivation, maturity, breadth of interests, seriousness of purpose and intellectual capacity to participate successfully in the program of the University.

In fulfillment of Johnson University’s mission statement, students accepted into the University are those who plan to use their professional careers to extend God’s kingdom throughout the world.

Johnson University does not accept all students who apply for admission. Candidates should view the application process as an opportunity to make a case for being accepted. The application of an acceptable candidate will demonstrate timeliness, integrity, academic readiness, and spiritual maturity.

The following criteria constitute the “whole file” evaluation of admissions standards:

  • Spiritual Maturity
    Applicants demonstrate spiritual maturity by their reference forms, their answers to certain questions on the application form, and through their application essays in which they set forth their Christian commitment, their life experiences including a history of church involvement, their life goals, and a purpose in harmony with the institutional mission of Johnson University.
  • Integrity
    Applicants demonstrate integrity by not providing false or misleading information. Unacceptable practices include not reporting all schools previously attended or having someone else write the application essay. The University will not consider for admission any applicant who knowingly submits false or misleading information.
  • Academic Readiness
    The applicant demonstrates academic readiness by submitting appropriate documents that demonstrate a satisfactory level of performance. Academic readiness is determined by an evaluation of all application materials. The administration considers it unethical to admit, retain, and collect tuition from students who do not demonstrate “ability to benefit”—-that is, the academic ability and/or willingness to complete their chosen program of study at Johnson University. A 17 on the ACT (or its SAT or CLT equivalent) is recommended as a minimum standard for predicting academic success at Johnson University.