The Religious Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that examines the religious experiences of global human cultures past and present. It develops skills of theological reflection, historical research, analysis, and communication that enable students to engage the world in which they serve in a thoughtful, positive, and creative manner. Students will strengthen their own Christian perspective and define their own beliefs more clearly by exploring the beliefs and practices of numerous other religious traditions.


Dr. Gerald Mattingly
Program Director

Dept Contact


This degree does not include any concentrations.


Courses may include:

• Philosophy of Religion
• Christian Apologetics
• History of Christian Spiritual Formation
• Global Christianity in the Modern Era

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Graduates with this degree will be prepared for further graduate work including seminary studies and studies in Bible and Theology or Congregational Ministry. Graduates may also pursue careers in government or nonprofit work or in the local church as missionaries, teachers, writers, and outreach workers.