Health Services Office

The Health Services Office on the Tennessee campus is in the Eubanks Activities Center. It is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and offers services free of charge to students, faculty, and staff. Basic services provided include first aid for minor injuries, assessment and referrals for injuries or illnesses, recommendations for self-treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, and monitoring of vital signs. No appointment is needed.

Some additional health assessments and services, listed below, are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please email Kealy Mead or call 865-251-2256.

  • body fat percent analysis
  • body mass index analysis
  • height/weight
  • basic diet/exercise information/recommendations
  • blood sugar analysis
  • simple injections
  • suture removal

Local Clinics/Hospitals

Local Urgent Care Clinics

American Family Care (865-951-1103)
7564 Chapman Highway
Knoxville 37920

University Clinic Seymour (865-579-7580)
11606 Chapman Highway
Seymour 37865

CVS Minute Clinic (866-389-2727)
110 Majestic Grove Rd.
Knoxville 37920

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic (865-573-0081)
4001 Chapman Highway
Knoxville 37920

Local Hospitals

University of Tennessee Medical Center

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Parkwest Medical Center

Turkey Creek Medical Center

Leconte Medical Center

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Blount Memorial Hospital

Health Insurance Requirement

Johnson University requires all full-time undergraduate students taking courses on campus to carry health insurance.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the University’s health insurance plan unless they provide proof of coverage. Students will be required to either complete an online health insurance waiver form, providing their current health insurance provider, or enroll with the University’s student health insurance provider for the current academic year. Both the waiver form and the enrollment form are available on the student portal.

Students who enroll in student health insurance for the fall term pay for a 12-month policy that begins the first day of class. Students who begin in the spring term pay a reduced amount due to the reduced length of the policy.

Health Insurance Coverage

The health insurance provided through Johnson includes unlimited major medical coverage after a $250 annual in-network/$600 annual out-of-network deductible. Most claims involve an 80/20% coinsurance for in-network providers and 60/40% coinsurance for out-of-network providers. There is a $25.00 co-pay per office visit.

Policy effective dates for the 2019-2020 academic school year:

2019 Fall term 08/01/2019 – 07/31/2020
2020 Spring Term 01/01/2020 – 07/31/2020
2020 Summer Term 05/01/2020 – 07/31/2020

Health Insurance Costs

Complete coverage information for the United Healthcare Gold Plan is available on


The student health insurance rates for 2018-2019 are:


Participant(s) Annual Rates Spring Rates Summer Rates
Student Only $1,834 $1,446 $579
Spouse $1,734 $1,046 $479
One Child $1,734 $1,046 $479
Two or More Children $3,468 $2,092 $958
Spouse + Two or More Children $5,202 $3,138 $1,437



Participant(s) Annual Rates Spring Rates Summer Rates
Student Only $1,542 $970 $498
Spouse $1,442 $870 $398
One Child $1,442 $870 $398
Two or More Children $2,884 $1,740 $796
Spouse + Two or More Children $4,326 $2,610 $1,194


Note: To determine the premium for a student with spouse, student with spouse and children, or student with children, simply add the above rates together. For example, if a student wants insurance for himself and his spouse, then the premium will equal the student rate plus the spouse rate. If both spouses are students, then the student rate applies to both.

Insurance premiums are determined by the carrier and may increase from one year to the next.

Counseling and Mental Health


University Counseling Center Updates & Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The staff and therapists of the University Counseling Center recognize that these last few weeks have been difficult for our clients and all Johnson University students due to COVID-19.  We want to act wisely and in the best interest of our clients and therapists to address mental health needs during this time; we will keep this page updated with additional information as it unfolds in the days ahead.  Johnson’s main resource for information regarding COVID-19 can be found here.

Given the local, state, and federal guidelines regarding community response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Counseling Center will be closed at its physical location in Myrtle Hall.  All in-person services (including walk-ins) are currently suspended.  The UCC is able to offer limited telehealth services to individuals who are currently located in the state of Tennessee (and will remain in Tennessee for length of treatment) in accordance with state law, and due to the nature of the UCC as a training center for graduate student therapists.

Available Services & Resources

    • To access resources, hotlines, and coping tips, click here.
    • Students with Johnson University Health Insurance are eligible for free telehealth services.
      • During this time of COVID-19, we ask all students with JU insurance to please attempt to access their free therapy services through the JU insurance before requesting services from the UCC due to a limited number of therapists at this time. 
    • Current Clients of the UCC, and those who have completed paperwork prior to 03/06/2020, you will be contacted by your therapist and/or UCC staff to discuss next steps.  Please look for an email or voicemail from us.
    • If you have left the state of Tennessee for the rest of the semester, please seek a service closer to home. Review the information below regarding how to find a counselor in your area.
    • We will work with any student who is not going to be physically located in Tennessee to find services in the state where they will reside. Contact , for assistance.
    • New Requests from students who will remain in Tennessee should be directed to the . You may also call 865-251-2163 between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Until further notice, we will offer problem-solving resources and brief support; we cannot at this time provide ongoing weekly telehealth sessions for all new requests.

Crisis Services

**The UCC 24/7 On-Call Therapist Line is not currently available for clients; please use the resources below and discuss additional resources with your therapist. **

If you are in an emergency situation and immediate assistance is needed, please call 911.

    • Crisis Hotline Numbers
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • Crisis Texting Line
    • UHC/Optum has opened an Emotional Support Help Line to any student in need regardless of insurance and is available 24/7: 1-866-342-6892.


Quick Tips for Coping with COVID-19:

    • ACKNOWLEDGE reactions—validating the impact on ourselves & others is important and can reduce isolation.
    • Take care of your BODY—move, eat, sleep
    • MAINTAIN routine
    • Take BREAKS
    • LIMIT media exposure
    • REACH out—-social distancing does not = social isolation.
    • SPREAD kindness
    • Share the FACTS; understanding the actual risk to yourself and others and sharing accurate information can make an outbreak less stressful.
    • REDUCE the stigma


How to Find a Counselor in Your Area



The Florida campus offers “The Chat Room,” a safe space where students can get help from trained volunteers who receive guidance from faculty. The Chat Room is a free and confidential place for students to get help in individual or group sessions. Request an appointment by emailing

In addition, the JUFL Student Life Office can arrange professional counseling for students at a reduced fee. The Florida campus has agreements with several local Christian counselors and counseling centers. The Student Life office provides 100% financial assistance for a student’s first visit and 50% financial assistance for all subsequent visits while the student is enrolled as a degree-seeking student. Confidentiality is assured.