Vanguard Church Partners

The Vanguard Church Partners program seeks to promote a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between Johnson University and the churches that prayerfully and financially collaborate with the University.

Johnson University offers  Vanguard Church Partners a variety of incentives designed to enhance the relationship between the church, church leaders, congregational members, and Johnson University. These incentives will foster a greater sense of goodwill and cooperation between the academy and the churches as we work together to extend the kingdom of God.


Community Engagement

downtown KnoxvilleCommunity engagement is a catalyst in our mission to educate students for strategic vocations. Students can choose from dozens of majors, and no matter what career they prepare for, a sense of calling is nurtured through strategic partnerships in the greater Knoxville area.

Community engagement is always mutually beneficial. Our community benefits from resources the University adds to local businesses, organizations, and initiatives. Students benefit from experiences that complement their studies. The University benefits as local partners connect us to the best students from many backgrounds, races, and cultures. We like to say community engagement makes Johnson University a better place to learn and the greater Knoxville area a better place to live. Learn more here.

Urban Alliance

The Urban Alliance, an initiative of Johnson University, partners with like-minded organizations in urban Knoxville to engage and empower emerging community leaders through inspiring educational experiences.

Uniting Johnson University’s strengths in higher education with the strengths of its community partners, the Urban Alliance offers programs involving science, community mentors, vocational discernment, leadership development, and asset-based research.

The Urban Alliance includes Royal Explorers, a summer science camp experience for middle schoolers; Urban Scholars, a scholarship program established to help promising urban high school students attend Johnson University; Urban Plunge, an inner-city residential experience for undergrad and graduate JU students; and Future of Hope, a nine-month practical and theological exploration of issues facing Knoxville, designed for urban high school students. Learn more here.

Academic Partners

Johnson students enjoy visiting ChinaIn cities here in the United States and around the world, Johnson University partners with nonprofit organizations, churches, parachurch organizations, and other universities to create opportunities for our students. Learn more here.