The Associate degree in English provides broad training for a wide range of academic and professional careers by developing a critical understanding of the human experience across time, place, and cultures. Courses in the program introduce skills for research, analysis, and communication that prepare students for further studies toward a bachelor’s degree and help students engage the world in thoughtful, constructive, and creative ways.

Dr. April Conley Kilinski
Program Director

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Students may choose a Literature Concentration or a Rhetoric and Writing Concentration.

The Literature Concentration trains students to read, interpret, analyze, and write about literature.

The Rhetoric and Writing Concentration trains students in rhetoric and composition for a variety of rhetorical situations.


Courses in the program may include:

  • English Language: History and Grammar
  • African Literature and Cultures
  • Women Writers in World Literature
  • Spiritual Formation and Creativity

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Graduates with this degree often serve in the fields of education, writing, editing, publishing, public relations, and communications. Graduates may also choose to pursue further studies including a bachelor’s degree in English.