The Bachelor of Music Education is designed for students who wish to pursue a full-time professional career as a K-12 Vocal/General Music teacher. The program is intended to meet National Association of Schools of Music standards and those of all other accrediting bodies with whom Johnson University is associated.

After acceptance to the University, the student will be sent a link to the application for the School of Communication and Creative Arts. Students interested in this program must complete this SCCA application and perform an audition for the faculty of the School of Communication and Creative Arts on their primary instrument. Under no circumstances will a student be admitted to the Music Education degree program without performing a live audition for the faculty. See below for audition information.

During registration, all applicants (including transfer students) must complete the Music Reading Diagnostic Examination (MRDE) administered by the Communication and Creative Arts faculty.

All students must choose a primary instrument they wish to study while pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education. Options are guitar, piano, and voice. Students then choose a secondary instrument of study. Without exception, students must present a required jury performance on their primary and secondary instruments at the conclusion of each term of study. Bachelor of Music Education majors will be required to present a recital during their senior year.

All students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education must earn a total of six or more credits through participation in one or more ensembles.

In addition to the aforementioned standards of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Music Education majors must also meet the standards of the Templar School of Education.


Audition information:

All students who wish to enter this degree program must perform an audition for the faculty of the School of Communication and Creative Arts on their primary instrument.

Students Enrolling Spring Semester, 2020:
Contact Don Trentham for an appointment.

Students Enrolling Fall Semester, 2020
Friday, Feb. 28 (Preview Day)
Friday, March 13 (Preview Day)
Friday, April 3 (Spring Retreat)
Royal Welcome Days I (June – TBA)
Royal Welcome Days II (July – TBA)

International students or domestic students with circumstances that prevent them from traveling to campus to audition during any of the indicated days must notify the appropriate program director to alert them of the situation. The program director will work with each of these students on an individual basis to schedule an audition.

If you have additional questions, contact Don Trentham or review the academic catalog.

Don Trentham
Program Director

Dept Contact


This degree does not include any concentrations.


Courses may include:

  • Music Theory
  • Arranging and Orchestration
  • Music History and Literature
  • Methods for Teaching Music

For more details on this program, check out our academic catalog.


Graduates earning this degree and completing the required student teaching/internship requirement will be able to serve as music teachers at the primary or secondary school level in vocal/general music. Graduates may also pursue graduate studies in music and/or education.