The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research supports the University’s mission, values, and core commitments by providing institutional research and leadership in the areas of institutional research and reporting, assessment, and accreditation at all organizational levels.

For more information, contact:

Emili Williams, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research/Title IX Coordinator (865-251-2373)

Cathleen Cottrell, Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (407-569-1337)


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Johnson University’s Statistics and Trends
JU’s Statistics and Trends book is published each academic year during the fall semester. It provides trend information on program enrollment and graduation, demographics of the student body, faculty credentials, graduation rates, retention rates, alumni information, financial data, and information about facilities and services.

2016 QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)

Accreditation and Associations

CIP Codes

Survey Distribution Approval Policy
IRB Chairman,

Public Disclosures

Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections 2020

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policies and Procedures

Student Experience

National Survey of Student Engagement

2012-13 NSSE Pocket Guide Report (TN)
2016-17 NSSE Pocket Guide Report (TN)
2019-20 NSSE Pocket Guide Report (TN)

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