Dr. Jeff Snell
Dean, School of Congregational Ministry


Program Overview

Johnson University partners with churches to provide a Master of Strategic Ministry woven into a residency experience. Students complete the 30-credit program while serving on-site with a partner church. The program includes six online classes and ongoing field experience under the guidance of a mentor. This program is provided through approved churches: Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona and Wellspring Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Students may enter the Master of Strategic Ministry program in August, January, or May. Students serve at least 30 hours a week in a partner church under the guidance of a mentor. This residency schedule allows time for online classes.

Six online classes are designed to integrate with the residency experience. Learning objectives, activities, and projects emphasize hands-on, experiential learning in the ministry context. This curriculum assumes the program will be completed in twelve months, including two online classes per term. A 24-month option is also available if the student and partner church agree to this arrangement. Such students will take one online class per term.

At the beginning of each term, students develop a Learning Covenant with their mentor that specifies what activities and projects they will complete to grow in their specialty field and to earn four credits of Field Experience.

Housing, compensation, and similar considerations are arranged between the resident and the partner church.

Tuition and Fees
Online Core Classes: $450 per credit hour/18 credit hours ($8,100)
Application, Transcript, and Graduation Fees: $240
Field Experience: $135 per credit hour/12 credit hours ($1,620)
Total: $9,960

How to Apply
Students apply to the partner church and to Johnson University. To connect with a Partner Church, contact the residency coordinator of that church. At Johnson, contact , Graduate Admissions Counselor.

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