The Honors Program offers academically talented undergraduates on the Tennessee campus an opportunity to enhance their University experience through creative coursework, regional cultural events, and association with a small group of outstanding students. Participants enjoy a rich and rigorous educational experience that provides excellent preparation for graduate school or seminary. Incoming freshmen and rising sophomores who meet the requirements may apply for admission to the program, which begins every fall term.


Students enrolled in the Honors Program receive academic, social, and practical benefits, including:

  • Special courses and optional minors
  • Honors recognition on diplomas and transcripts
  • HP Wednesday Chapel Groups
  • Off-campus events each academic year
  • Annual HP reception
  • Extra work-study opportunities
  • Early registration
  • Waiver of extra charges for a term overload
  • Waiver of extra charges for a course audit
  • The camaraderie of program membership

Honors Program students may pursue any of Johnson University’s undergraduate professional majors or minors. They also have the option of designing a customized pre-seminary or pre-graduate school minor(s) with a focus in History, Literature, or Religious Studies. Each minor requires a total of 18 credit hours, or six courses in any one of these areas of study. Students work with the HP coordinator, the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and faculty subject matter experts to design the minor and select appropriate courses.

For more information, including admission requirements to the program, review our academic catalog or contact Dr. Gerald Mattingly, director of the Honors Program.