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Johnson University Tennessee

Lisa Tarwater, Chief Admissions Officer
Lauren Shears, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Sherry Turner, Admissions Counselor (Athletes and International)
Kristi Gilmore, Recruitment Event Coordinator
Kayla Senor, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Carrie Giffin, Admissions Administrative Assistant
Tammie Weatherly, Recruitment Team Coordinator

Grad & Online
Amber Cofer, Graduate Admissions Counselor and Summer Event Coordinator
Kelly Koger, Graduate & Online Admissions Counselor

Johnson University Florida

Lynnette Mojica-Rivera, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Angela Nunez, Athletes Admissions Counselor & DSO
Mindy Marengo-Sardinas, Admissions Office Manager
Alexis Fennimore, Recruitment and Admissions Event Coordinator
John Michael Hucks, Admissions Counselor and Church Relations