Dr. Ruth Reyes
Program Director


Program Overview

Worship leaders combine music, technology, and the arts with theology and pastoral sensitivity to design services that encourage people to engage with God in gathered worship.

Johnson’s Bachelor of Music in Worship Leadership degree prepares students for not only the practical “how to” of worship, but also provides a biblical and theological foundation that answers the “why” of worship. Students engage in private music lessons, music theory, and music ensembles to build musical skill, while pursuing the study of worship theology, technology, the arts, and pastoral ministry to form a foundation for worship leadership. Along with what is learned in the classroom, students are presented with numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience leading worship in chapel and other campus events, as well as through internships and weekend ministries.

Graduates of the worship leadership degree program demonstrate all the required knowledge, skills, and experience needed to become successful in worship leadership and ministry.

Apply for the Worship Leadership Program:

  • After acceptance to the University, fill out an additional application to the Worship Leadership degree.
  • Perform a primary-instrument audition. See below for audition details.
  • During the audition, complete the Music Reading Diagnostic Examination (MRDE).

Audition Information:

All students who wish to enter this degree program must perform an audition for the faculty of the School of Communication and Creative Arts on their primary instrument.

Students Enrolling Fall 2021:
Auditions scheduled for July 15-16 (Royal Welcome). Contact for an appointment.

Students Enrolling Spring 2022:
Contact for an appointment.

If you have additional questions, contact or review the academic catalog.

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