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Program Overview

The Life Sciences degree cultivates a foundational knowledge of the living world from sub-cellular to ecological and global scales. Critical thinking skills necessary to design, collect, and interpret datasets will be a central part of the major coursework, preparing students to teach critical thinking to their own students or to apply those skills to allied health professions where analytical skills will be applied in the workplace. Students will acquire the foundational knowledge and mathematical skills to interpret published research in their ultimate professional areas. Graduates may pursue a variety of career paths and will be prepared for graduate school in a variety of life or environmental science fields.

In addition to the core classes in the Life Sciences degree, students can choose a concentration in biology, pre-professional, or fitness science.

By adding just one more year to your undergraduate degree, you can also earn a Master of Arts in Teaching that credentials you to teach science at the high school level!

Every undergraduate student pursuing a four-year degree at Johnson earns a double major – a major in Bible and Theology and a major of their choice, like Life Sciences. Click here to learn more about the Bible and Theology major.

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