Don Trentham
Program Director


Dr. Ruth Reyes
Program Director


Program Overview

The associate degree in Music equips students to use musicianship skills in a variety of ways. It also provides students who are interested in pursuing Worship Leadership, Music Technology, or Music Education a two-year degree option, which can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree.

Here is what you need to do to get ready for admission into this degree:

  • After acceptance to the University, fill out an additional application for the SCCA.
  • Perform a primary-instrument audition. See below for audition details.
  • During registration, complete the Music Reading Diagnostic Examination (MRDE).
  • Chose either guitar, piano, or voice as your primary instrument and one of the two remaining options for your secondary instrument.

Audition Information

All students who wish to enter this degree program must perform an audition for the faculty of the School of Communication and Creative Arts on their primary instrument.

Students Enrolling Spring Semester, 2022:
Contact Don Trentham for an appointment.

International students or domestic students with circumstances that prevent them from traveling to campus to audition during any of the indicated days must notify the appropriate program director to alert them of the situation. The program director will work with each of these students on an individual basis to schedule an audition.

If you have additional questions, contact Don Trentham.

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