CIP Codes By Program

Degree Program CIP Code Levels
Applied Linguistics 160105 Associate, Bachelor’s
Anthropology 450201 Minor
Bible and Theology 390201 Bachelor’s
Biblical Studies 390201 Associate
Business Administration 520201 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Business Administration (MBA) 520201 Master’s
Children’s Ministry 390702 Bachelor’s
Counseling 511508 Master’s
Creative Arts Ministry 090102 Bachelor’s
Cross-Cultural Media Communication 090907 Bachelor’s
Educational Technology 130501 Master’s, Education Specialist
Elementary Ed K-6/Reading & ESOL Endorsement 131202 Bachelor’s
English 230101 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Ethics and Leadership 380104 Master’s
Family Studies 190707 Bachelor’s, Minor
Graphic Arts and Design 500102 Minor
Health Science 511105 Associate
History 540101 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Holistic Education 131206 Master’s
Intercultural Studies 390301 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Intercultural Studies (MA) 390301 Master’s
Interdisciplinary Studies 240102 Associate
Interdisciplinary Studies (El Ed K-5; ESL PreK-12) 131202 Bachelor’s
Interdisciplinary Studies (Early Childhood Education PreK-3) 131210 Bachelor’s
Interdisciplinary Studies (Early Childhood Education PreK-3 & ESL Grades PreK-12) 131210 Bachelor’s
Interdisciplinary Studies (ESL PreK-12) 131401 Bachelor’s
Journalism & Digital Mass Media 090402 Bachelor’s
Leadership Studies 520213 Doctoral
Mass Communication 090102 Associate, Minor
Middle Eastern Studies 390301 Minor
Ministry Leadership 390602 Associate, Bachelor’s
Missions 390301 Bachelor’s
Music 500901 Associate, Minor
Music Education 131312 Bachelor’s
Music Performance 500903 Minor
Music Technology 100203 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Musical Arts 390501 Bachelor’s
New Testament 390201 Master’s
Organizational Psychology 521003 Bachelor’s
Pastoral Care and Counseling 390701 Bachelor’s
Physical Education K-12 131314 Bachelor’s
Preaching & Church Leadership 390602 Bachelor’s
Preaching & Youth Ministry 390602 Bachelor’s
Psychology 420101 Associate, Bachelor’s, Minor
Religious Studies 380201 Bachelor’s
Spanish and Hispanic Studies 160905 Minor
Special Education Interventionist K-8 131001 Bachelor’s
Sport and Fitness Leadership 310501 Associate, Bachelor’s
Strategic Communication 090900 Bachelor’s
Strategic Ministry 390602 Bachelor’s, Master’s
Teaching English as a Second Language 390301 Bachelor’s
Teaching: El Ed K-5 131202 Master’s
Teaching: Secondary Ed 6-12 Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geography, Government, History, Mathematics, or Physics 131205 Master’s
Teaching: World Languages PreK-12 131206 Master’s
Urban Studies 390301 Minor
Video Production 500602 Minor
Visual Media Production & Design 500102 Bachelor’s
Worship Leadership 390501 Bachelor’s
Worship Theology 390601 Minor
Youth Ministry 390702 Bachelor’s
4+1 BA/BS in Business Administration to MBA 520201 Bachelor’s to Master’s