Vanguard Church Partners

The Vanguard Church Partners program seeks to promote a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between Johnson University and the churches that prayerfully and financially collaborate with the University.

Johnson University offers  Vanguard Church Partners a variety of incentives designed to enhance the relationship between the church, church leaders, congregational members, and Johnson University. These incentives will foster a greater sense of goodwill and cooperation between the academy and the churches as we work together to extend the kingdom of God.

The Commitment

A Vanguard Church will be a force of good for the future of Christian higher education. As a Vanguard Church, these congregations will commit to:

  • Regularly PRAYING for Johnson University faculty, staff, and students.
  • Consistently PROMOTING Johnson University to church staff, leadership, and members as a preferred option for Christian higher education. This includes mentioning Johnson University on the church website.
  • Annually PROVIDING opportunities for Johnson University representatives to visit the church for reporting (Advancement) and recruiting (Admissions). This includes providing the name and contact information for a church-based liaison for the University.
  • Financially PARTNERING with the University in support of the General Fund (Royal Fund or Florida Fund) or General Scholarship Fund.

Johnson will offer various incentives to the Vanguard Church based on the level of support. These benefits are available in the calendar year following the congregation’s first full year of VCP support and will refresh on January 1 of each subsequent calendar year that the church continues at a VCP level.

Current Vanguard Churches


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