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Program Overview

The Ministry Leadership degree prepares students to lead ministries with Christlikeness, biblical wisdom, and skillful leadership. Students may choose from one of eight concentrations, and will participate in internships in their career area.

Features of the Ministry Leadership degree:

  • A core curriculum that grounds students in timeless biblical principles
  • An adaptive approach that equips students to face challenges today and in the future
  • High-leverage ministry experiences that are professionally, personally, and spiritually formative
  • Relevant ministry concentrations that allow students to pursue areas of ministry they are passionate about, with room for customization

Ministry Internships

We believe that practical, hands-on field experience is an essential part of ministry preparation. Each student in the Ministry Leadership degree is required to complete an internship after their junior year (90 credit hours). That internship can be for the summer (10 weeks) or it can be a 7-month internship that typically runs June-December. We have designed our curriculum so a student can stay on track for graduation with a 7-month off-site internship. We do not “place” students in internships; instead, our professors help students find an internship that is right for them.

The 7-Month Internship

A student desiring a 7-month internship would need to enroll in a 1-credit ministry leadership course in the summer. In the fall, the student will enroll in a 12.5-credit internship course. This course will embed the following courses into the internship experience: Ministry Elective, Effective Ministry Leadership, Ministry Leadership Internship, and Pastoral Epistles.

Every undergraduate student pursuing a four-year degree at Johnson earns a double major – a major in Bible and Theology and a major of their choice, like Ministry Leadership. Click here to learn more about the Bible and Theology major.

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