Program Overview

The Family Studies degree offers foundational training and equipping for service to children, families, and individuals. Students will study the theories, contexts, and conceptual frameworks used to understand the dynamics of family interaction and involvement that maintain and strengthen home and family as the fundamental unit of society. Particular emphasis is given to the dynamics of power, decision-making, and communication as family service professionals directly serve individuals and families, as well as advocate on behalf of families and serve communities who have the opportunity to support and empower families.

Upon completion of a degree in Family Studies, students can apply for Certified Family Life Educator status from the National Council on Family Relations.

Graduates with the Family Studies degree often pursue careers in both public and private arenas, community and government agencies, school systems, or nonprofit organizations. This degree also prepares students for graduate training in mental health and social service fields, including the graduate counseling program at Johnson University. With appropriate graduation education, potential career options include marriage and family therapy, sex therapy, social work, family research, and college instruction.

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