Student Scholarship Funds

Gold Transparency 2023 CandidScholarships help students in special need and encourage academic excellence. You can support scholarships through the annual scholarship fund or a permanent scholarship fund.

The Johnson University Current Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students in the current academic year. All contributions to this fund will be awarded to students in the year in which they are given. Visit our Scholarships page to discover the wide variety of scholarships JU provides for qualifying students!

The Permanent Scholarship Funds are part of Johnson’s endowment and provide ongoing support for scholarships. Contributions made to permanent scholarship funds are invested conservatively. Each year a percentage of the fund balance is used to provide scholarships.

You can make a gift to the general scholarship endowment, or you can establish a named scholarship fund to honor a loved one. Once a fund is established, anyone can make a gift to a particular fund at any time.

In addition to permanent scholarship funds, you can also establish a permanent fund that provides ongoing support for general operations, faculty salaries, the library, or other important functions in which you have a special interest. Click here to learn more about permanent funds.