Permanent Funds

Gold Transparency 2023 CandidWe have been administering permanent funds at Johnson University for over 50 years. All of these funds provide a means of perpetual support. Permanent funds may be created for scholarships, to support areas such as faculty salaries, library acquisitions, and building maintenance, or as unrestricted funds that provide income to be used where needed most. Our Advancement office would be glad to talk with you personally about your desires for a fund. For Tennessee funds, email , Associate Vice President for Stewardship and Planned Giving, or call 865-251-2214. For Florida funds, email , Director of Advancement, or call 407-569-1388.

Minimum to Establish

Ideally, a scholarship fund would be established with a gift of $10,000 or more. In instances where individuals plan to give to a fund each year, one may be established with $2,500 and possibly even less.

Use of Funds:

Most scholarship funds are unrestricted and allow the University flexibility in awarding scholarships in the areas of greatest need. For those who have a strong interest in a particular area of study, scholarships can be established for one of the following academic programs: preaching, youth ministry, missions, teacher education, or marriage and family therapy / professional counseling. Scholarship funds can also be targeted for particular types of students such as resident international students, international Ph.D. students, and missionary and international Christian worker students.

Scholarship Awards

Each year the trustees examine the investment results and set the percentage to be awarded for scholarships. While some funds are large (greater than $100,000) and can provide awards for full tuition, many funds are smaller. We “pool” scholarship awards from multiple funds to provide a scholarship package for students.