Summer Commencement

Summer Commencement will be held August 18, 2019 at the Johnson University Tennessee campus. Watch online below!

Graduation Checklist

Consult Your Advisor

Monitor your progress on your advising worksheet in your account. Contact your academic advisor for any needed updates and to be sure you meet all graduation requirements.

Review Your Contact and Privacy Information

Be sure to login to your account and go to Personal Info to make any necessary changes, including address and phone number updates.

Submit the Intent to Graduate Form on the Portal

Make sure this is on file for your intended term of graduation. Make sure your name and mailing address are correct for accurate processing of your diploma. Observe all deadlines for filling out the Intent to Graduate Form.

Help us Order Your Regalia

Make sure your height and weight information are correct on the Intent to Graduate before submitting.

Pay the Graduation Fee

All students are required to pay a graduation fee regardless of whether or not they participate in the ceremony. No exceptions. The fee will be added to your student account upon completion of the Intent to Graduate Form.

Submit a Diploma Pick Up/Mailing Plan

Check your Johnson email for details on how to submit a diploma pick up/mailing plan.

Clear All Holds

Make sure all holds such as overdue library books or fines or outstanding obligations to the University are cleared. While a hold will not prevent participation in the ceremony or awarding of the degree, it will prevent release of diploma and/or transcript.

Complete Exit Counseling

Students with any federal loans are required by law to complete exit counseling at Contact Student Financial Services for more information on loan exit counseling.

Learn More About Alumni Relations

Contact Alumni Relations to find out more about the Alva Ross Brown Society, the JUFL Young Alumni Society, and other alumni opportunities.

Apply for Graduate School!

Continue your education with JU! Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Check Out of Student Housing

Make sure you have completed this process before heading home. Contact your RA or the Head Resident for more information.

Diploma FAQs

How will I know that my Intent to Graduate has been received by the Registrar’s Office?

You will receive a Degree Audit from the Registrar’s Office that will detail the exact coursework you have left to complete and/or confirmation that you are currently enrolled in your final courses. You will also be added to the graduation information email distribution list and will receive monthly emails containing information and reminders. Please read each of these emails carefully and refer back to them if you need information about the ceremony.

How will I receive my diploma?

Graduates may elect to come to the Registrar’s Office to pick up their diploma. Otherwise, all diplomas are mailed to the diploma mailing address provided to the Registrar’s Office. Graduates are asked in a monthly commencement update email to provide an address or pick up plan. When submitting an address or pick up plan, graduates should take into consideration that the Registrar’s Office begins sending diplomas eight weeks after the ceremony. If you do not provide a valid diploma mailing address, your permanent mailing address will be used.

When will I receive my diploma?

Degrees are conferred and diplomas are printed when the Registrar’s Office confirms a graduate’s successful completion of all course requirements. Diplomas are mailed beginning eight weeks after the commencement ceremony. Graduates should contact the Registrar’s Office at 865-251-2230 regarding a missing diploma if it has not been received 12 weeks after the ceremony. Graduates who submitted a waiver to walk form will receive their diploma once all course requirements are satisfied, regardless of when they participate in a commencement ceremony. Please note: while diplomas come later, an official transcript showing your graduation date is available just one week after the ceremony.

Graduate and doctoral diplomas may take longer to process and be mailed, depending on the graduate’s thesis/dissertation completion status. Please contact your program director for details on completing all requirements.

How does my name appear on my diploma?

Your name will appear on your diploma as you entered it on your Intent to Graduate. Please note that your diploma name must match the legal name(s) we have on file for you. No nicknames may be printed on the diploma. Newly married students, and others who wish to change their name, must complete a Change of Name form and submit it, along with two proofs of legal name change, to the Registrar’s Office. Once this process is complete your name will be updated.

What if I do not receive my diploma?

There are a few reasons you may not have received your diploma. These include a hold on your account or an inaccurate diploma mailing address, or there may be a problem with your graduation status.

You can check for holds by logging into Select the Academics tab, then click “Registration & Add/Drop Courses.” You may view any holds on your account via the add/drop courses function and click on the plus (+) icon to view information on how to resolve this hold.

If you provided the Registrar’s Office with an inaccurate mailing address, you will be required to pay the $40 Diploma replacement fee for another to be issued.

If there is a problem with your graduation status (i.e. you did not pass a required class, your GPA did not meet graduation requirements, or you have any outstanding program requirements), please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 865-251-2230 if none of the above apply to you and you still have not received your diploma within 12 weeks after graduation.

Can I be invited to the commencement ceremony in May if I will not graduate until the following August or December?

No. Anyone who wishes to participate in graduation must have satisfied all program and degree requirements. Certain waivers do exist for certain programs. However, the standard policy is all program requirements must be complete to walk. We also hold a graduation ceremony in August and in December on the Tennessee campus if you will finish your requirements within the summer term or fall term.

What should I do if I have not completed all degree requirements by the graduation date for which I originally filed my Intent to Graduate?

You will need to re-file an Intent to Graduate with the updated graduation date of when your degree requirements will be met. The graduation fee will be removed and re-added under the semester you intend to finish.

Is there a graduation fee?

Yes. All students are required to pay the graduation fee regardless of their intentions to participate in the ceremony. No diplomas or official transcripts will be released until the graduation fee is paid. The fee will be added to your student account in the final semester you enroll in classes and may be paid through your student account.

Doctoral students have additional regalia-related fees that will be added to your account. Please contact your program director for more information.

If I lose my diploma can I get a new one?

Yes. Requests must be made in writing using the Diploma Replacement Request Form. The form can be submitted to: or faxed to 865-251-2147. Diploma replacements are processed as soon as possible and may take 6-8 weeks for processing and delivery. All replacement diplomas cost $40, which must be paid before the diploma will be printed.

What GPAs determine honors?

University Latin Honors are only awarded at the undergraduate level. Only students who have completed all degree requirements will have honors read at the commencement ceremony. The Latin honors read at the graduation ceremony are based on the current GPA of a student and will not include any in-progress coursework (i.e. students enrolled in their final courses in the spring will have honors based on their current GPA, as spring course grades are not submitted until after the ceremony). However, a student’s final transcript will reflect their final Latin honors once all final grades are submitted.

Summa Cum Laude Highest Honors 3.85-4.00
Magna Cum Laude High Honors 3.70-3.84
Cum Laude Honors 3.50-3.69

Are there a minimum number of credits needed for graduation honors?

Yes. Students must meet the residency requirement of completing 25% of their coursework at Johnson to receive honors. For 120.0 credit hour programs, 30 credit hours with a letter grade (not ‘PT’  or ‘P’ grades) earned at Johnson are needed for graduation honors in a bachelor’s degree program.

What are the diploma dimensions?

Associate and Bachelor diplomas are 8-1/2” x 11.” Masters level diplomas are 9” x 12.” Doctoral diplomas are 11” x 14.”

Do honors appear on diplomas?

Yes, undergraduate students who earn honors will receive an honors stamp to place on the undergraduate diploma.

Do majors appear on diplomas?

No. Johnson University only prints the degree that you earned, not what you majored in. The major is printed on your official transcript.

Do minors appear on diplomas?

No. Johnson University only prints the degree that you earned, not what you minored in. The minor is printed on your official transcript.

I have three majors. Will I receive two diplomas?

For students who complete three majors (Bible & Theology Core, Professional Major 1, and Professional Major 2), but earn fewer than 150.0 credit hours: only one degree is granted with a triple major. Students who complete three majors (Bible & Theology Core, Professional Major 1, and Professional Major 2) and earn 150.0 or more credit hours: two degrees are granted, the first with majors in Bible & Theology + Professional Major 1 and the second with Professional Major 2.

Where do I go to find out more details about commencement?

Please log into and view the graduation information page or watch for an updated “News and Events” page for Commencement on the Johnson University website in May, August, and December.