PreachFest is a celebration of preaching on the Johnson University Tennessee campus during which aspiring ministers preach 15-20 minute sermons, earn scholarships, and receive feedback from our preaching professors. All participants will receive scholarships to Johnson University of at least $500. Those who preach the most outstanding sermons will receive scholarships of up to $3,000. Scroll down for registration! Registration ends March 14.

Registration includes a free lunch in the Gally Dining Hall. Participants may also request to stay in the dorms with a current student as part of their campus visit – just select that option on the registration form!

Contact with your questions, and check out the video below for a few tips on preparing your sermon.

(Scholarships are stackable for those who participate multiple years. They are distributed across eight semesters of undergraduate study. Present or past Johnson University students are not eligible.)

Sermon Evaluation

Sermons will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Biblical Teaching: Does the sermon accurately present biblical truth from Scripture?
  • Main Idea: Does the sermon center around a clear, single truth (a “thesis statement”)?
  • Development: Does the sermon develop and support its main idea in a clear, understandable manner?
  • Relevance: Does the sermon use illustrations and applications to bridge biblical truth to contemporary listeners?
  • Delivery: Does the preacher deliver the sermon with effective verbal and nonverbal communication?