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Endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) Education

Colleges of Distinction 2023-2024 - EducationThis program provides an opportunity for licensed teachers to obtain an additional endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). The program coordinator interviews applicants to evaluate the extent to which their teaching experiences and past coursework demonstrate competencies required by Johnson University. Evidence is collected in a portfolio, and any deficiencies are addressed through coursework or projects. When the student has met all standards, the student presents the portfolio to an exit committee. Upon successful completion of this process, the Templar School of Education recommends the student to the Tennessee State Board of Education for the endorsement.

Educational needs of students pursuing the ESL endorsement are determined on a case-by-case basis. Accordingly, the program may include prior undergraduate courses offered at the Tennessee campus. Students will be required to participate as an online cohort that begins during the summer session and concludes the following summer term.

Required Courses (15 credits):

Principles for Second Language Acquisition
This course is designed to provide candidates with the skills needed to acquire a deeper understanding of the structure of English from a linguistic perspective. The nature of language, the grammatical aspects of language, and the applied areas of language are explored. Focus is placed on specific theories and research pertaining to second language acquisition for the PreK-12 classroom teacher.

Instruction & Assessment for English Learners
This course provides candidates with an understanding of the instructional needs of English learners. Candidates explore effective instruction and develop English Language Development (ELD) lesson plans that integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Candidates will select and use formal and informal methods of assessment to make informed decisions about instruction.

Topics and Trends
This course provides candidates with the skills needed to acquire a deeper understanding of the social and academic needs of English learners. Specific educational policies, legal requirements, professional responsibilities, and collaboration among stakeholders will be explored. Candidates will analyze student diversity and current trends related to the education of English learners.

Literacy and Content
This course focuses on the development and implementation of content-area instruction for English learners. Special focus will be placed on literacy strategies, instructional methods, and techniques that promote the integration of language, literacy, and content instruction. Candidates will explore various program models that integrate both language and content instruction.

K-12 ESL Endorsement Field Experience
The field experiences are completed over the course of the academic school year, the fall and spring semesters. They tie course content into real-world ESL activities occurring in the candidates’ schools and/or districts. The field experience is an integral part of the candidates’ study. Activities are designed to integrate the content of the courses into the candidates’ practice. Candidates complete 45 hours of field experiences focused on the intricacies of the school’s ESL program. They engage in activities focused on student growth and dynamics, curricular decisions, and school meetings and culture. This field experience is completed in partnership with Johnson University and the participating school system.

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