New Majors in 2022

February 21, 2022

student taking notes in class

Johnson University launched three new undergraduate programs and a new master’s degree this semester—some are available on our Tennessee campus and some are available in Tennessee, Florida, and online!

New Undergraduate Degrees


Life Sciences (TN)

Johnson’s new Life Sciences degree is the foundational preparation students need for careers in physical therapy, athletic training, zoology, wildlife biology, microbiology, research, and more. Students who wish to teach science can also add on our one-year Master of Arts in Teaching to get fully credentialed as an elementary, middle school, or high school science teacher.

This new undergraduate degree includes classes in biology, genetics, ecology, ethics, chemistry, and statistics. Students may also choose a concentration in biology or fitness science—the biology concentration requires classes in chemistry and calculus as well as a biology elective, and the fitness science concentration includes courses in kinesiology, motor learning, strength training and conditioning, and health and fitness testing.

The Life Sciences degree is available on Johnson’s Tennessee campus.

Mathematics (TN)

If you are interested in a career as a data scientist, actuary, financial analyst, technical writer, statistician, or database administrator, Johnson’s new degree program in mathematics is the perfect place to start. As with the Life Sciences degree, the math major also allows you to add a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching to become an elementary, middle school, or high school math teacher.

Classes in the mathematics major include calculus, proofs, scientific computing, linear algebra, and geometry, with elective options in advanced calculus, differential equations, numerical analysis, and probability and statistics.

The Mathematics degree is available on Johnson’s Tennessee campus.

Intercultural Commerce (TN, FL, OL)

The new major in Intercultural Commerce allows students with interests in both business and overseas ministry to combine that focus into one degree. Students will take classes in intercultural communication, economics, marketing, management, cross-cultural leadership, and entrepreneurial and small business management, and will complete a cross-cultural internship. The degree prepares students to work successfully in the international business environment, adapting business concepts to other countries’ financial, sociopolitical, and economic systems. If you are interested in business as mission, owning or starting your own business, nonprofit management, or multicultural business, this is the degree for you!

The Intercultural Commerce degree is available on our Tennessee campus, our Florida campus, and online.

New Graduate Degree


Intercultural Commerce (OL)

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Commerce is another great option for students who want to thrive in today’s global and multicultural work environment. The program will not only give students the foundational information they need to conduct business in another culture (domestic and foreign), but will give them the skills to introduce others to Christ in appropriate and contextual ways.

Coursework in this new master’s program includes classes in social entrepreneurship, international business, managerial economics, marketing management, microfinance, sustainable development, and mission theology as well as a final integrative project.

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Commerce degree is available 100% online.

Your Next Steps

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