I’m studying life sciences and I want to be a physician’s assistant. I started Johnson in the pre-nursing program and switched to life sciences with a biology concentration. I would love to open my own practice someday or work in an outpatient center, so I started my MBA at Johnson this summer with a concentration in healthcare management. I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s degree in 2024 and the MBA in 2025.

I chose the physician assistant path because I love the medical field. Also, I don’t want to be on call all the time as a doctor; I love working with Young Life, I love volunteering, I want to have time for other things. Dr. Nelson also helped me explore the specializations available as a PA; I’m interested in dermatology and rheumatology. And the professors are amazing: Dr. Merritt’s husband allowed me to shadow him in his work, Dr. Nelson helped me land the job as a nursing technician at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, and I work for Dr. Christensen as a teacher’s assistant.

During my time at Johnson I’ve grown a lot in my faith. It was more about the science for me before, but now I can combine my vocation and my faith. They can work together for me as I move forward in this field.