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Program Overview

The 4 + 1 bachelor’s to master’s degree in Intercultural Commerce at Johnson University allows a student to earn a B.S. and an M.A. in Intercultural Commerce in just five years.

How does it work?
Up to four classes from the undergraduate Intercultural Commerce degree can be applied to the 4+1 degree. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, students can complete the remaining eight master’s classes in one year.

Who is eligible?
Undergraduate Intercultural Commerce students with a program GPA of 3.0 may apply for admission during the last semester of sophomore standing.

Which courses can be applied toward the M.A.?
Students must enroll in four of the five following courses to be applied to their master’s degree:
LDRS 5023 Advanced Leadership Theory & Practice (receive dual credit for BUSN 3073 Leadership Theory and Practice)
BUSN 5023 Advanced Business Analytics (receive dual credit for BUSN 3063 Business Analytics & Decision Making)
BUSN 5033 Marketing Management (receive dual credit for MKTG 3013 Marketing)
BUSN 5123 Business Law (receive dual credit for BUSN 4043 Business Law)
BUSN 5223 Managerial Economics (receive dual credit for ECON 2103 Economics)

About the degrees
The Intercultural Commerce degree prepares students to work successfully in the international Christian market environment, adapting business concepts to other countries’ financial, sociopolitical, and economic systems. Intercultural Commerce majors develop skills to initiate business in markets around the world while demonstrating their faith. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to thrive in today’s global and multicultural work environment.

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Commerce degree prepares Christian men and women to work successfully in an international setting in the global marketplace, adapting business and entrepreneurial concepts and practices to other countries’ financial, sociopolitical, and economic systems. The degree includes an advanced intercultural curriculum and three graduate-level business courses. The program will not only give students the foundational information they need to conduct business in another culture (domestic and foreign), but will give them the skills to introduce others to Christ in appropriate and contextual ways. The skills gained in this program are globally transferrable and in-demand!

Every undergraduate student pursuing a four-year degree at Johnson earns a double major – a major in Bible and Theology and a major of their choice, like Intercultural Commerce. Click here to learn more about the Bible and Theology major.

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