How to Apply

Johnson University Works Student employment with the University has played a vital part in assisting many students with funding their education.

The goal of the JU Works program is to provide student employees with practical work experience, ease their financial burden, provide development through mentorship, and fill necessary operational support roles on campus.

The University employs approximately 350 students each semester to a variety of on-campus positions in multiple departments under the JU Works Program. These student employment positions are in a variety of departments on campus.

Student who are employed for multiple years and who demonstrate consistently excellent performance, leadership, and initiative can apply for advancement to positions with a greater level of responsibility and higher compensation. Upon completion of four years’ work experience, student employees will receive a Certificate of Professional Development.

These items are necessary for Work-Study eligibility:

1. Complete the FAFSA.
2. Complete the JU Works Employment Application. Click this link or scan the QR code below.
3. Interview with a department supervisor.
4. Attend the JU Works Expo.


JU Works Employee Expo and Placement

The JU Works Employment Expo is an opportunity to meet with hiring supervisors firsthand and learn about the different positions available for student employment. Many individuals are hired on the spot! Applicants who receive a placement will then complete required employment paperwork.

Federal regulations require that valid identification documents be presented at the time of hire. The documents must be originals; copies are not acceptable. The most common forms of ID are (but are not limited to) a passport or a driver’s license along with a Social Security Card or birth certificate.

First-year student employees are allowed to work up to 10 hours per week.