How to Apply

These items are necessary for Work-Study eligibility:

1. Complete the FAFSA.
2. Complete the Johnson Financial Aid Check In on the student portal. Select that you are interested in campus employment in the Work-Study Program.
3. Complete the Work-Study Application. This application form will be sent out by the Work Study Coordinator.

Work-Study Expo and Placement

During the first week of the fall semester, Johnson University will host a job fair event, the Work-Study Expo, for student applicants to actively pursue placement to an open position.

As applications are received during the summer, they are forwarded to department supervisors to review in preparation for the Work-Study Expo.

During the Expo, student applicants have the opportunity to interview directly with supervisors. The applicants should have their resume and class schedule available for the supervisors to review. Applicants are encouraged to dress in attire appropriate for a job interview setting. The department supervisors will determine which applicants will fill their open positions. Assessed financial need, skills, and prior work experience are considered for these placements.

Applicants who receive placements will complete required employment paperwork. Federal regulations require that two valid identification documents be presented at the time of hire. The documents must be originals; copies are not acceptable. The most common forms of ID are (but are not limited to) a passport or a driver’s license along with a Social Security Card or birth certificate. First-time work-study student employees must also complete a W-4 Form and an I-9 Form at this time.

Please keep in mind that available positions and hours are limited.