Those outside our campus community are welcome to worship and learn with us. Services are livestreamed on Tuesday mornings and shared to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.


During the school year, the Johnson community gathers on both campuses every Tuesday and Thursday morning for chapel services. Chapel is an opportunity to regularly set all other distractions aside, to focus our collective hearts and minds on Christ, and, by his Spirit, to worship and commune with God as one campus body.

Chapel services include prayer, singing, and a variety of speakers ranging from visiting missionaries, ministers, community leaders, and other special guests to JU’s own faculty, staff, and students.

Date Speaker
August 23 Convocation
August 25 Tommy Smith, President
August 30 Lydia Emerson, Worship Chaplain
September 1 Psalms Service
September 6 Rafael Rodriguez, Professor of New Testament
September 8 Psalms Service
September 13 Spenser Proctor, Men’s Soccer Coach
September  15 Psalms Service
September 20 Kenny Moore, Lead Pastor at Hope Fellowship, Knoxville, TN
September 22 Psalms Service
September 27 Missions Emphasis Week
September 28 Missions Emphasis Week
September 29 Missions Emphasis Week
October 4 Andy Hudelson, Senior Minister, Wellspring Christian Church, Nashville, TN
October 6 Psalms Service
October 11 Mental Health Awareness Week
October 12 Mental Health Awareness Week
October 13 Mental Health Awareness Week
October 18 Tony Twist, 2022 ICOM President
October 20 Fall Break
October 25 Rachel Grindle, Campus Minister
October 27 Constance Cherry, Professor of Worship and Pastoral Ministry, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN
November 1 Trevor Lieffring, Student Ministries Associate, Christ’s Church Fleming Island, Fleming Island, FL
November 3 Psalms Service
November 8 Senior Sermon: Matthew Rottet
November 10 Psalms Service
November 15 Heather Gorman, Professor of New Testament
November 17 Psalms Service
November 29 Jody Owens, Professor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries
December 1 Psalms Service
December 6 Senior Sermon: Maddie Tate
December 8 Psalms Service


Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups meet every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. in place of our large chapel gatherings. Students are placed in a small group that consists of six peers and a mentor group leader. Our goal for Mentor Groups is threefold. First, we want students to form relationships with each other and the faculty/staff. Second, we hope these connections will provide spaces and relationships to support our students. Third, we want each student to have a space where they can know and be fully known, and be loved by each other and the leaders around them.

    After-Chapel Prayers

    This semester, students can sign up to pray with a faculty/staff member about anything they’d like. Prayer times will be available immediately after each Tuesday and Thursday chapel. Students who want to receive prayer, click here to sign up with a confidential form. Faculty/staff who would like to pray, sign up here!

    Modern Psalms

    As part of this year’s theme, we’re inviting faculty, staff, and students to share “modern psalms” on Thursdays. This can be a psalm, poem, story, prayer, piece of art, etc. Click here if you would like to participate!


    For the purpose of tracking chapel attendance, Johnson University Tennessee uses the iAttended app. Students will scan their student ID before and after each chapel service to receive credit for their attendance. The scans are then manually entered into iAttended within a week of the chapel attended.


    Online Credit Opportunities

    Johnson University recognizes that some students are physically unable to attend chapel on campus. Therefore, JU offers three different opportunities for students to earn chapel credit online. To apply to earn credit online, complete this form, obtain the necessary signature, and and submit it to the Chapel Office within the first three weeks of the semester or within two weeks of the chapel service(s) missed.

    During the Fall 2022 semester, students in need of chapel credits can earn them by watching the following mediums in the prioritized order they are listed:

    JU Chapel Livestream (1 credit per service)
    All Tuesday chapel services will be livestreamed this semester. If you have missed a Tuesday chapel service, please watch the service recorded on the Livestream before proceeding to the other online chapel credit options.

    Bible Project Podcast (1 credit per episode)
    Psalms Study
    Character of God series
    Word Study Discussions Series

    JU Sermon Archives (1 credit per service
    Rafael Rodriguez (11/12/15)
    Dinelle Frankland (9/27/16)
    Jennifer Johnson (10/11/16)
    Jody Owens (10/25/16)
    Kevin DuBose (2/7/17)
    John Perkins (4/4/17)
    Aaron Wright (1/17/19)
    Derrick Hammond (10/8/19)
    J. Tomma Battle (10/15/19)
    Bill Wolf (9/3/20)
    Dominique Lee (9/10/20)
    Matthew Best (11/12/20)
    Jake Johnson (3/4/21)
    Lydia Emerson (9/7/21)
    Rachel Grindle (3/17/22)


    Upon the approval of your application, please complete the following steps to receive credit:

    • Watch/listen to the video, podcast, or service you have chosen.
    • In a Word document or in the body of an email, summarize each video, podcast, or service you have watched in 150 words or more by answering the following questions:
      • What was the service order?
      • What was the primary theme of the message or service?
      • What were the stories told, Scriptures cited, or things done in the service that supported or developed that theme?
      • How might the theme relate to you and your life situation?
    • Submit your summary to the chapel teaching assistant within two weeks of the service missed.