Date Speaker
August 27 ARC Dedication
August 29 Convocation
September 3 Bill Wolf
September 5 Brandon Perry
September 10 Mission Emphasis Week: James and Lisa Litsey
September 12 Missions Emphasis Week: James and Lisa Litsey
September 17 Taylor Brown
September 24 Chris VandeLinde
October 1 Jorge Rudko
October 8 Derrick Hammond
October 15 Tomma Battle
October 22 Jeff Fife (President of ICOM)
October 29 Jennifer Johnson
November 5 Church Planting Emphasis Week: Speaker TBD
November 7 Church Planting Emphasis Week: Speaker TBD
November 12 Gonzalo Venegas
November 19 Pete Isenberg
December 3 Senior Sermon
December 10 Senior Sermon



Chapel Groups

SF and God

In SF and God we read short pieces of speculative fiction and summaries of longer works, looking for their theological and moral connections. This semester’s menu includes alien visitors, time travel, magic, future soldiers, romance, and more. Even zombies.

T.S. Eliot: Intellect, Art, Culture, and Faith

S. Eliot impacted the modernist movement in Western culture, presenting a critique of its sterile, wasteland values. After his conversion to Christianity, he continued to address the artistic intelligentsia. This study gives a close reading to his poetry, discussing both literary and world view elements in the works. Required book: Selected Poems (also published as T. S. Eliot Selected Poems)

El Encentro

Want additional exposure to Spanish? We won’t converse in Spanish 100% of the time, but we will focus on Hispanic language, life, culture, and ministry.

Girl’s Group

A group for young women based on building relationships with each other while discussing relevant topics over a cup of tea or coffee.

You in a Year

Sometimes, the future can be a scary thing. We’re taught that we need to have everything planned and work towards our goals with intentional living, but we don’t know how. This group is designed to help students find their path to personal growth and intentional living, spark conversations, and create a supporting group that encourages the development of every individual.

First-Generation College Students

First generation means you are the first in your family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. We will have first-generation faculty members discuss their success, share information/workshops related to first-generation issues, and decide how we can impact our community. We will also discuss ways to add to the scholarship fund for first-gen students.

Transfer Student Small Group

This group is for transfer students and will discuss the unique issues related to being a transfer student.


Passionate about missions? Interested in learning about other cultures and how God is working among them? Want to use a strategic vocation to share the love of Jesus? Come join this group to learn, fellowship, pray and encourage one another.

Beginning ASL 2

Beginning ASL 2 is a continuation of the small group from the fall. This course/small group builds on the vocabulary, fingerspelling, grammatical knowledge, and cultural awareness that was taught in Beginning ASL 1. Attention will be given to voice interpreting what is shown on video so previous ASL knowledge and participation is key.

Students Promoting Social Unity

SPSU is a place for the Johnson community to come together and get to know each other, discuss hot topics and current events, and to inspire peace, unity, and change in our lives. We call to action those who desire to be part of something meaningful, to have the hard conversations, and to join us in our efforts to create social and racial reconciliation.

Iron Men

Prov. 27:17 says “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This group is for senior youth ministry (or preaching and youth) students who desire to be sharpened in their faith. Each week we will meet for reflection, prayer, Bible reading, confession, encouragement, and accountability. There may also be some light reading along the way. The group size will be limited to 8-12 participants.

Sports Issues

Sports Issues Chapel Group is designed to create positive and constructive conversation for students wanting to work in sports. This group will be a place for friendly debate with open minds to allow the students to understand all viewpoints on issues and better understand how to deal with them with Christ in mind.

Andy Griffith Bible Study

Each week, the chapel group will view an Andy Griffith episode and discuss the content through scripture while formalizing an understanding an area of life application. Join Andy, Opie, Barney, and Aunt Bee for the parables of Mayberry.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group where athletes can come together and grow. FCA is not only a group for athletes, though. We want to invite everyone to come and be a part of games, fellowship, and learning God’s Word!

Multiplying Disciples

This chapel group will be focused on training disciples who can make disciples. We will be going through the discipleship program “The Zume project.” If you want to learn more about what this group will look like please visit

Leadership Exchange

Insights about leadership and life from Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels, Tony Campolo, Bob Russell and others.

Commuters’ Group

Open and limited to all commuting students and older nontraditional students. This group meets via an online forum each week. Our hope is get to know one another, to pray together, and maybe even to learn together (by watching videos or listening to podcasts and discussing them).

Yoga Chapel

(Limited to women only) Yoga Chapel is a time for girls to clear their minds, refocus on God, and learn the names of Jesus. We will begin with yoga, which helps relieve stress and better focus our minds. Then, we will transition to the devotional portion. The book we will be studying is Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler. The book focuses on the individual names of Jesus found in the Bible and how to pray according to these names. Understanding the names of Jesus allows us to grow in our relationship with Him.

Songwriting Group

This group is for anybody who creates art through music and/or lyrics, including singer-songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, spoken word artists, poets, etc. Group activities will vary from week to week. One week we might play songs or read poetry that we’ve written; the next week we might pair up and co-write. We also may organize a public performance toward the end of the semester.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Relaxation

This group will introduce you to the principles of mindfulness meditation, focusing the mind in the present moment with awareness and nonjudgment. Each week, participants will learn principles of meditation and practice several mindfulness and relaxation exercises. Christian forms of meditation will also be discussed and implemented. Meditation skills have been shown to improve focus, stress, and sleep, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Stress Busters

Do you find stress getting the best of you? Does anxiety tend to get in the way of life? Or maybe you’re not sure what you feel, but you know it’s wearing you down. This group will examine what stress and anxiety really are and how we can recognize their impact. The time will focus on strategies to prevent and manage stress day to day.

Wired (Men’s Group)

(Limited to men only) Individuals are hard-wired for connection with one another, but our sexualized culture has significantly changed how we interact with each other. In this nonjudgmental environment, men who are dealing with pornography, sexual addiction, or confusion in their sexuality can explore biological, social, and spiritual components that impact sexuality. Our hope is to cultivate healthier sexual perspectives and grow in interpersonal relationships together.

Student Government

Limited to members of the SGA.

Urban Plunge

Limited to participants in the Urban Lab.

Recruitment Teams

Limited to 2019 Recruitment Team members.

Research Group

Limited to students invited by Brent Brewer.