Date Speaker
January 14 A Service to Welcome and Give Thanks
January 16 Selah: Prayer Gathering
January 21 Bill Wolf, Dean of the Chapel
January 23 Selah: Prayer Gathering
January 28 Chase Depew, Crosspoint Church
January 30 Coffee Shop Chapel
February 4 Jeff Snell, Dean of the School of Congregational Ministry
February 6 Caleb Kaltenbach, The Messy Grace Group, CA
February 11 Gary Stratton, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
February 13 Selah: Prayer Gathering
February 18 Larry Green, Special Assistant to the President for Generosity
February 20 Selah: Prayer Gathering
February 25 Black History: Terriel Byrd, Palm Beach Atlantic University
February 26 Black History: Terriel Byrd, Palm Beach Atlantic University
February 27 Black History: Terriel Byrd, Palm Beach Atlantic University
March 3 David Mahfood, Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology
March 5 Selah: A Prayer Gathering
March 10 Shawn Grant, Professor of Humanities and Director of First-Year Programs
March 12 Selah: Prayer Gathering
March 17 Senior Sermon: TBD
March 19 Selah: Prayer Gathering
March 31 Senior Sermon: TBD
April 2 Selah: Prayer Gathering
April 7 Jennifer Johnson, Chief Communications Officer
April 9 Coffee Shop Chapel
April 14 Arts Emphasis: Veryl E. Jones
April 16 Arts Emphasis: Roger Hudson
April 21 TBD
April 23 Selah: Prayer Gathering
April 28 Errosthe Chapel
April 30 Awards Chapel


Chapel Groups

Rapha House
Leader: Rob Fleenor
The mission of Rapha House is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, one child at a time, through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all. This D-group is the JUFL Rapha House chapter and will dedicate prayer, community, learning, and action toward that mission.

God Has a Sense of Humor
Leader: Bob Mehlenbacher
We will explore God’s sense of humor in Scripture. We will look at passages in the Bible that, when you examine them and think about what is being said, will make you chuckle or laugh. We will also dig deeper than just the humor of the story or event and see what we can take from that passage in applying it to our lives.

The Graphē Project
Leader: Les Hardin
This group meets weekly to read Scripture. Readings and exercises help fulfill the purpose and goals of The Graphē Project on the JUFL campus.

Leader: Kendi Howells Douglas
Harvesters is a chapel group in which students can learn about the things God is doing around the world and in their local communities, such as cross-cultural missions, sex-trafficking prevention, community development, and urban ministry.

How Can I Help You?
Leader: Nealy Brown and Lora Erickson
Join us as we focus on issues we will face in ministry and how we can be the hands and feet of Christ.

School of Congregational Ministry Students
Leader: Rory Christensen
This group is focused on ministry, leadership, and prayer.

True Competitor
Leader: Griffin Tate
Engaging in topics relevant to our faith and relevant to the world of sports, we will ask the question: What does it look like to be a Christian in the world of cut-throat competition that is sports?

Transforming Discipleship
Leaders: Les and Kara Hardin
Individual groups of 3-5 students, by invitation only, work their way through Greg Ogden’s “Discipleship Essentials” and “Transforming Discipleship.” Based around the Lord’s principle of having 12 disciples who are taught to spread the word and the love of Christ, leaders seek to do the same.

Leader: Sandra Peppard
Reading and discussing 2-3 chapters of Proverbs at a time.

You are Enough
Leader: Catherlyn Brim
What women of the Bible teach you about your mission and your worth.

Mentoring Women
Leader: Inga Taranger
We do a study entitled, “Taste and See: Acquire a Growing Appetite for God” and a study through Titus 2:4-5 entitled, “A Backwards Glance at Titus 2:4-5.”