Chapel at Johnson University Florida


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During the school year, the Johnson community gathers on both campuses every Tuesday and Thursday morning for chapel services. Chapel is an opportunity to regularly set all other distractions aside, to focus our collective hearts and minds on Christ, and, by his Spirit, to worship and commune with God as one campus body.

Chapel services include prayer, singing, and a variety of speakers ranging from visiting missionaries, ministers, community leaders, and other special guests to JU’s own faculty, staff, and students.

Date Speaker
January 11 Convocation: Marvin Elliott (Executive Vice President)
January 13 Alexander Christian Foundation
January 18 Dom Jenkins (Campus Minister)
January 20 Community Time
January 25 Darryl Dorris (FCA)
January 27 President Smith
February 1 Alex Weirda (Community Christian Church)
February 3 Community Time
February 8 Missions Emphasis Week: Dave Erickson
February 9 Missions Emphasis Week: Dave Erickson
February 10 Missions Emphasis Week: Dave Erickson
February 15 Mike Black (Poinciana Christian Church)
February 17 Community Time
February 22 Rory Christensen (Professor of Congregational Ministry)
February 24 Community Time
March 1 Jamie Snyder (Church Planter in West Palm)
March 3 Community Time
March 8 Efren Rosario (Point Church)
March 10 Community Time
March 15 Rachel Grindle (Campus Pastor, JUTN)
March 17 Community Time
March 29 Erica Jenkins
March 31 Community Time
April 5 Connor Wood (Eastview Christian Church)
April 7 Community Time
April 12 Senior Sermon #1
April 14 Community Time
April 19 Senior Sermon #2
April 21 Community Time
April 26 TBD
April 28 TBD


Chapel Groups

Female-only Chapel Groups

“We are family! I got all my sisters and me!”
Leader: Kaitlyn Wallace
Location: SUB (Max 6)
College comes with a lot of different opportunities to interact with new people. Come build community with your sisters on campus as we navigate and process exciting but sometimes difficult relationships during the college experience. We’re here for one another and we’re all in this together.

Taste and See
Leader: Inga Taranger
Location: LB 2 (Max 4)
Acquiring a growing appetite for God – mentoring young women

Male-only Chapel Groups

Iron Sharpens Iron
Leader: Rory Christensen
Location: LB 1 (max 12)
Leadership guru John Maxwell has said that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” and that we typically look for the exception to that statement, rather than desiring to become exceptional.  In this group we will move in the latter direction.  We will engage in guided discussions and interactions that will sharpen us into godly leaders who know the way, go the way, and show the way.

Men’s Bible Study
Leader: Shawn Grant
Location: Cafe (Max 5)
Reading and journaling and discussing Scripture. Currently full.

Open Chapel Groups

Rapha International
Leader: Rob Fleenor
Location: CH 3 (max 15)
The mission of Rapha International is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children—-one child at a time—-through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all. This D-group is the JUFL Rapha International chapter and will dedicate prayer, community, learning, and action toward that mission.

Be Still
Leader: Nealy Brown
CH 4 (max 15)
In this group, you will have time to practice the spiritual discipline that best helps you in your walk with God. You can use time in group to read a book, journal, pray, listen to worship music/sermon, etc. The first 30 minutes of group you will spend on your own, silently seeking God. Then, we will come together as a group and share a Scripture, words from a song, or other thought that stood out to us during our quiet time with God.

Leader: Kendi Howells Douglas
The Commons
Harvesters is a chapel group in which students can learn about the things God is doing around the world and in their local communities, such as cross-cultural missions, sex-trafficking prevention, community development, and urban ministry.

Purpose-Driven Life
Leader: Gayla Wood and Catherlyn Brim
CH 5 (Max 12)
The purpose-driven life: What on earth am I here for?

The Group
Leader: Dominick Jenkins
CH 6 (max 24)
This is The Group. It will be amazing.

    Online Credit Opportunities

    Johnson University recognizes that some students are physically unable to attend chapel on campus. Therefore, JU offers two different opportunities for students to earn chapel credit online. To apply to earn credit online, complete this form and submit it to Annika Hedstrom within the first three weeks of the semester or within two weeks of the chapel service(s) missed.

    During the Fall 2021 semester, students in need of chapel credits can earn them by watching the following mediums in the prioritized order they are listed:

    JU Chapel Livestream (1 credit per service)
    All Tuesday chapel services will be live streamed this semester. If you have missed a Tuesday chapel service, please watch the service recorded on the Livestream before proceeding to the other online chapel credit options.

    RightNow Media Videos
    The Book of 1 Peter by Kyle Idleman (2 credits for entire series)
    Peter by Taylor Brown (1 credit for whole series)
    The Israel Story by John Myers (1 credit per 2 episodes)


    Upon the approval of your application, please complete the following steps to receive credit:

    • Watch/listen to the video, podcast, or service you have chosen.
    • In a word document or in the body of an email, summarize each video, podcast, or service you have watched in 150 words or more by answering the following questions:
      • What was the service order?
      • What was the primary theme of the message or service?
      • What were the stories told, Scriptures cited, or things done in the service that supported or developed that theme?
      • How might the theme relate to you and your life situation?
    • Submit your summary to .