The Florida campus of Johnson University is blessed with comfortable campus housing for both single and married students. Campus housing includes apartments in Foundation Hall, Trulock Hall, Packer Hall, Beazell Hall, Heritage Hall, and Roger Chambers Hall. Each apartment has a bathroom, living room, and kitchen, which is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and stove. Most of the townhouse-style apartments in Roger Chambers Hall also contain hook-ups for a clothes washer and dryer.

Single students share apartment-style housing units, which provide the experience of independent living, opportunities for Christian fellowship, security, and a family atmosphere. Apartments feature full kitchens, satellite television service, and wireless internet access. On-campus housing includes ground-level apartments designed and equipped for the physically disabled.

JUFL welcomes families and encourages them to become involved in the campus community. Students with families enjoy the pool and recreation rooms, as well as the play area, swings, bicycle racks, picnic tables, and an abundance of grassy areas for outdoor play.