Shawn Smith

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A.A. in General Education (Indian River State College)
B.S. in Bible and Theology (Johnson University Florida)
M.Div. in Apologetics (Lincoln Christian University)
M.A. in Church History/Historical Theology (Lincoln Christian University)

Articles: “Are Mark Twain’s Stories about Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone True?” Restoration Quarterly 60 (2018): 193-206.

A Critical Analysis of the Orthodox View of Reception,” St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 60 (2016): 397-414.

New Perspectives on the Campbell-Ferguson Controversy: Spiritualism, Private Property, and Fisher the Revivalist,” Stone-Campbell Journal 19 (2016): 5-28.

The Insertion of the Filioque into the Nicene Creed and a Letter of Isidore of Seville,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 22 (2014): 261-286.

A Defense of Using Patristic Sources in Synoptic Problem Research,” Stone-Campbell Journal 16 (2013): 63-83.

The Complex Origins of the Registrar,” College and University 87, no. 4 (2012): 10-17.

Was Justin Martyr an Inclusivist?” Stone-Campbell Journal 10 (2007): 193-211.

Review of Timothy P. Johnson, A History of Evangelism in North America (Kregel, 2021), Fall 2022 volume of the Stone-Campbell Journal.