Senior Saints 2020 Cancellation

Some of you may have read the message sent recently from President Tommy Smith as Johnson University reluctantly moved to remote classes for our students through the remainder of our school year. In case you missed it, part of it is included below:

As Debbie and I sat watching the Johnson University tennis team compete on that beautiful spring afternoon of Friday, March 13, nearly every conversation with students, faculty, and staff contained the sad realization that this might be the last event on our campuses for the semester. Nearly every day since, Debbie and I have walked the campus and often commented on how lonely we were without the energizing and encouraging presence of our students. We discussed all of the scenarios that might emerge during this most unusual time brought to us by the COVID-19 pandemic and confessed our feelings of helplessness in combating the spread of the virus.

The Johnson University senior leadership team has thoroughly examined every aspect of our operations to protect the people on our campuses; the policies and procedures that have emerged fulfill our goal of doing what is best for the health of our community.

With those same thoughts in our minds and the realization that the pandemic has not yet been controlled adequately to afford the protection needed for a vulnerable population like those who attend Senior Saints in the Smokies, we have determined that we must cancel all three weeks of Senior Saints.

Naturally, we are deeply disappointed that we will not get to see you this year. But with increasing precautions being ordered by government leaders, we felt we had no choice.

We hope to bring some of the great Senior Saints content to you online including Bible studies and workshops by many of your favorite professors, and, of course, University historical updates by Clyde Dorkman! We will let you know ASAP how much of that we have been able to make happen and how you can access it.

We are praying for all of you in these difficult days and we know you are praying for the Johnson community and our students, faculty, and staff. Please pray for our students as they cope with unexpected emergency expenses. Also continue to pray for the school as we do not yet know the full extent of the negative financial impact of this crisis.

Information on how you may obtain your refund or roll over your payment into next year’s Senior Saints program is included below. Please be safe.

God bless you.

Philip Eubanks and Richard Clark

Payment Refund/Rollover

Please let us know how to handle your Senior Saints payment. There will be a slight increase in price in 2021, but if you choose to rollover your 2020 registration to 2021, you will be registered at this year’s prices. Or you may choose the refund and have your payment back in a few weeks.

Join us for Senior Saints!

Every summer, hundreds of our friends 55 and older join us for a week of learning, friendship, growth, and fun. Many attend every summer and call it a highlight of their year! These seniors enjoy worship services, hiking trips, sightseeing, concerts, Bible studies, workshops, and great food, and the Johnson University staff and faculty enjoy serving them during their time on campus.

In the winter, we’ve started a new Senior Saints Cruise! Our cruising seniors love the days at sea, the stops in Mexico, and the opportunity to experience all of it with hundreds of Christian friends.

Scroll down for more info on all of this year’s programs, and make plans to join us!