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Two fun facts:

— When I was a student, I was captain of Johnson’s women’s basketball team.

— I love hiking and being outdoors!


(Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois)

Two fun facts:

— I have lived in six states, but I consider Indiana and Knoxville “home.”

— I absolutely love music. I sing and I play four instruments and attending concerts is one of my favorite things to do.


(all other states)

Two fun facts:

— I have two undergrad degrees, one in applied linguistics and one in music.

— I speak German, but I’ve never been to Germany.


(Director of Undergraduate Admissions)

Two fun facts:

— I am a triplet! Bonus: all three of us plus my older brother can ride a unicycle.

— I have a pet cat, three fish, two shrimp, and lots of snails.