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Johnson University provides high-quality, affordable education in a fully online environment. Our Ph.D. in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to enable students to pursue their education while continuing to serve and lead in their current context. The cohort model of the program creates a virtual community where students can learn from each other, pray for each other, and learn and grow together. With no on-campus requirements, the program can be completed from anywhere and most students finish in about four years. And at $715 per credit hour, the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies is among the most affordable accredited doctoral programs.


The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies takes students on a transformative journey as they develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead in any context. Students move through a leadership core, ethics core, and research core as they move toward the dissertation where they will make a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in leadership studies.


Students report gaining knowledge that they can immediately apply to their lives and careers, finding relationships with their faculty, and building community with other students in their cohort. Hear from students and alumni about their experiences within the program.


The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies program allows students from any background and context to develop their leadership knowledge and skills. However, the program allows students to channel their research into one of six primary streams within the field of leadership studies:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Ministry Leadership
  • Missional Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Philosophy of Leadership
  • Theology of Leadership


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Director of Financial Aid


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