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By Andrew Frazier, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Mission and Vision

The David A. Legg Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (CSLE) advances the mission of Johnson University and the mission of the Student Life Office by providing supportive and diverse opportunities for student leadership, service, and development that enhance the student experience and campus community.

These opportunities and co-curricular initiatives supplement the academic curriculum at Johnson University by:

  • Supporting the education of students for meaningful service and leadership in extending the kingdom of God;
  • Helping students thrive socially, communally, and vocationally;
  • Serving the diverse needs of the student body for their holistic development, wellbeing, and success.

Programs and Programmatic Opportunities

  • Student Experience Team (The Royal Family/The Suns Family): The Student Experience Teams are comprised of faculty, staff, and students, and Student Life staff. These teams meet to collaborate on and assess the general student experience. The Team is concerned with positive student satisfaction with campus activities, experiences, and groups, as well as listening to the voices of student groups.
  • Mentorship (Royal Advisors/Suns Advisors): The Mentorship program offers opportunities for staff, faculty, and senior students to engage in formative individual and group mentoring relationships with the student body. Mentorships are designed to offer supportive interactions that focus on encouragement, leadership, vocation, and discipleship. This program also incorporates new Mentorship Groups–small student groups of men or women paired with a faculty, staff, or upperclassman mentor. These groups offer opportunities for students to share their stories and connect with fellow students and staff or faculty members.
  • Leadership Development and Scholarship: The CSLE collaborates with faculty and local partners to foster opportunities for leadership development and training, as well as scholarship and practical research surrounding leadership and student experiences. Students who participate in these programs have opportunities to earn awards, certificates, and potentially even scholarships. Leadership development programs will provide target workshops, professional development, and other activities that focus on leadership and leadership development. While leadership development and scholarship will be available for all students, focused programs will also be available for students in unique leadership positions such as resident assistants, Student Government Association leaders, Students Promoting Social Unity leaders, and others.
  • Career Services: Career Services offers programs and services that network students, employers, alumni, and faculty, while training and preparing students to be servant leaders and ethical professionals. The Center supports the mission and goals of Johnson University by helping students realize their God-given potential by exploring and developing academic and career plans that are rooted in their faith and values. In partnership with alumni, parents, and employers, the Center develops informational and experiential networks that support career exploration.
  • Registered Student Organizations and Clubs: The CSLE provides support, assistance, and oversight for the various student organizations and clubs on campus that provide additional opportunities for community development.
  • Food Security Team: The Food Security Team seeks to ensure that all students have access to healthy, nutritious meals while enrolled in a face-to-face program. This team will collaborate with the Student Life Office staff to identify students in need and to create plans for success.
  • Campus Care Team: A foundational, vocational element of our lives as humans made in the image of God is the call to care for this good planet God created. The Campus Care Team seeks to encourage healthy living practices, creation care, and practical opportunities for taking care of our campuses. Opportunities include educational information sessions, campus clean-up days, and more.