Tiffany Pecor with her family

As a mother, a foster parent, and a full-time professional who works with Whirlpool in Athens, Tennessee, Tiffany Pecor needed an online option that was really online.

“I went through the entire enrollment process with another university only to find out I had to be on campus for classes two or three nights a week,” she says. “I was heartbroken because I didn’t think I’d have the option to finish school. Then I Googled top online schools in Tennessee and found Johnson.”

Tiffany entered Johnson with an associate degree in business and found it easy to apply those credits toward the bachelor’s degree in business administration. When she realized she could earn her MBA with just one additional year of school, she decided to go for it.

“I missed out on an opportunity earlier in my career because I didn’t yet have the associate degree,” she says. “I decided I would never again let a lack of education hold me back. I’m really excited about the 4+1 program.”

Today Tiffany works with the Whirlpool teams who do service calls with customers to organize their training mentors, work processes, and scheduling. This spring she’ll take a step into a management role and begin leading her own team.