Bradley Kirtlan’s family graduates from Christian colleges with honors; his sister, Becky, graduated from Johnson in 2003, and his parents graduated from Great Lakes Christian College. But Bradley wasn’t sure he would be able to earn an advanced degree. In addition to being born with mild cerebral palsy, he also spent five days in a coma after a car accident in high school. Neurosurgeons told him they were surprised he had any brain function left after the accident and asked how he survived it. Bradley replied, “It’s God.”

Today, God and family are helping Bradley complete his online bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership. He began the program in 2014, taking one class at a time, and plans to graduate this December.

“He said he wasn’t planning to attend graduation,” says Bonnie Kirtlan, Bradley’s mom. “I said no way–you HAVE to go!”

Bradley will use his education to continue growing in his ministry as a Sunday school teacher, supply preacher, and church leader. He especially enjoyed his classes in Old Testament and theology.

“It’s amazing how we study through the entire Old Testament in 14 weeks,” he says. “I have read some of these stories since I was a kid, but these classes allowed us to dive into the Scriptures in new ways.”

“It will be amazing to see what God does with all of this,” Bonnie says. “Brad has received a very solid education in this program, and I’m impressed  with Johnson. I hope our story encourages other people to start an online program and consider kingdom work.”

We’ll see you in December, Bradley!