Mark enjoys being challenged to engage with Scripture in deep and meaningful ways. Dr. Robert (’42) Black, Lee Richardson, and other Johnson professors encouraged Mark and his fellow students to engage with the text. This prepared him well for further education at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In fact, one of his seminary professors at Southern remarked that the faculty knew Johnson students would come in knowing the Bible.

While teaching in higher education was not on Mark’s radar as an undergrad, he soon learned God might use him in such a vocation. After Mark taught an adult Bible school lesson at Gap Creek Christian Church, one of the church members approached him to ask if he’d ever thought about becoming a professor. The remark seemed strange, but Mark gave the thought some consideration.

When he came to Johnson, Mark thought he was going to end up in journalism or some other form of media communication. However, as he pondered the church member’s remarks, Mark remembered that when he was younger he wanted to be a teacher. He sought the counsel of Jerry Mattingly, who said, “Actually, we wanted to have a talk with you.”

“From that point on,” Mark says, “I kind of knew where I was heading.”

Mark recently completed his thirtieth year as a faculty member at Dallas Christian College. He loves being involved in the lives of his students and carries the influences of his Johnson University professors into his own classroom presence.

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