Joe’s original plan was not to go into ministry but to join the family tradition of being an engineer. But after a year at North Carolina State in pursuit of an engineering degree, Joe decided this path was not for him. He felt a call to ministry and was encouraged toward Johnson by Charles (’60) Wingfield, the senior pastor of his family’s former church near St. Louis. Charles’ son, Tim (’87) Wingfield, served as Johnson’s director of admissions at the time and helped Joe make his way to Johnson as a student.

Joe’s undergraduate focus was preaching and congregational ministry. After graduation, Joe was offered the opportunity to return to his home church in Florissant, Missouri, where he served as a discipleship minister.

He continued his education at Lincoln Christian Seminary where he earned an M.Div. in New Testament followed by a Master of Arts in Old Testament. As he approached the end of this work, Joe was accepted as a Ph.D. student at Fuller Theological Seminary where he studied Old Testament.

Through God’s providence, Joe learned of an opportunity to join Manhattan Christian College as a professor of Old Testament. Considering the influence of Johnson University professors like Steve Cook, Jody (’95 MA) Owens, and David (’70) Reece, it’s no surprise that Joe’s journey would lead to him teaching at a Christian college.

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