We have an extraordinary opportunity to impact the lives of student-athletes to extend the kingdom of God through both their daily lives and their sports. As members of the National Christian College Athletic Association whose “Game Plan 4 LIFE” is built on Love, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence, we can provide our student-athletes many opportunities to succeed. These traits are not only important within sports, but they are also a foundation for the classroom.

Our new head men’s soccer coach Raul Jara went above and beyond searching for players who exemplify these traits, bringing in more than 20 new student-athletes from around the world including Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, and Spain. We are excited to see such a diverse group of young men work together to do what God has called them to do on and off the field here at Johnson University Florida. Thank you so much for your outstanding recruiting performance, Coach Jara, and we can’t wait to see you on the field. Let’s go Suns!