By Richard Clark, Vice President for Advancement

In February 2018 the Johnson University community embarked on a challenging journey. We christened that adventure the “Uncommon Community Campaign,” but the experience has proven to be far more than a fundraising effort. The financial goal of $24.5 million is the largest in school history.

The more significant objectives were a) acknowledging that the sense of community already present among Johnson’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends was deeply spiritual and uncommon and b) building spaces that would foster the continued growth of our students on both campuses.

These objectives have been met almost from day one. You have likely seen pictures of students, faculty, and staff enjoying the fellowship the Graham Center and ball fields have provided on the Tennessee campus as well as the conversations over meals made possible by the Commons on the Florida campus. I only wish you could come to these campuses in person to experience the community for yourself. Pictures do not do justice to what happens in real life at these facilities!

As we approached the mid-point of the campaign and COVID cast its uncertain shadow, we thought it prudent to extend the projected length of the campaign by a year, from February 2023 to February 2024. Oh, we of little faith!

As it happens, through the faithful and generous giving of our partners and God’s abundant blessing, we are happy to report the Uncommon Community financial goal was surpassed this winter.

As of February 15, we have received $24,928,155! That is $428,155 OVER our financial goal! THANK YOU!

And in true Johnson University fashion, we are NOT FINISHED YET!

The trustees believe it was by God’s providence that the end date of the campaign was changed to February 2024. During this campaign, we raised money not only for the construction of these new buildings but also for the Royal Fund and Florida Fund, which support the general operations of the University. But we have not stressed scholarship funds except for one appeal.

The most urgent need the University has is recruiting students. The most urgent need most prospective students have is financial aid.

Inflation is eating away at the affordability of a college education. Even though we do all we can to keep costs low, and although our tuition is rising at a rate lower than inflation, it IS rising. The only way we can meet this need for financial aid is by raising funds for immediate scholarships.

For the remainder of the Uncommon Community campaign, the primary focus of our fundraising effort will be raising funds for scholarships to be used immediately for recruiting students.

The new goal for Uncommon Community through February 2024 is $28,000,000! The primary focus for the additional funds is providing scholarship funds over and above the $3 million in scholarships we already provide annually. These resources will be used to recruit new students over the next two academic years.

Would you prayerfully consider what God may enable you to do in this worthy cause? Click here to make a gift!