Fall 2021 Planning

What a difference a year makes! We are grateful to God for his faithful provision over the last year, and we are grateful to our students, faculty, and staff for their hard work to make the 2020/2021 academic year a success.

With the development of vaccines and the reduction in COVID-19 cases across the country, we are looking forward to resuming a more normal rhythm of campus life in fall 2021. This brief guide is intended to help our faculty, staff, current students, new students, and parents in planning for the fall.

We are intentionally publishing this information early to enable preparation. However, we will follow guidelines from the CDC and from state and local government and health officials and will monitor local health conditions. We may need to change aspects of this plan before August. If we do, we’ll share the updates via email and social media and we’ll post the revisions here.

We continue to strongly encourage all students, staff, and faculty to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they are able to. Higher vaccination rates will lead to lower infection rates on campus and make it more likely that we can stick to the typical approach to classes and campus life. In addition, as we noted last year in our Pandemic Promise, we suggest that each member of the campus community who is able to also get a flu shot, because flu-like symptoms can trigger a COVID-19 precautionary response.