FL Student Information

Classes are continuing!
Remote instruction will continue through the end of the semester. Classes are not canceled. Remote instruction begins Monday, March 30. Your instructors will deliver courses to you using real-time course audio and video (backed up with recording), pre-recorded video presentations, and other tools. Your course requirements will remain largely the same. We expect some glitches initially but believe from experience that everyone will adapt, learn, and adjust.

The JU Libraries remain available to help you! In addition to digital resources, librarians on both physical campuses can make print materials available to you for pickup. If you are not near one of the physical libraries, a librarian can scan and email selected pages from print materials for you, subject to limitations of fair use under copyright law.

Academic Support
Academic Support remains available to help, as well. Students can schedule time with an academic coach at www.johnsonu.mywconline.com.

Regarding service-learning requirements, we recognize that social distancing makes it impossible for most students to complete their planned service activities for the semester. Students who have applied to graduate in May 2020 will be credited with completion of service-learning requirements. Others enrolled in PRMN 1000 Service Learning will receive credit for 20 hours of service or for the service hours they have completed, whichever is greater. Meanwhile, in these unusual times we recognize and celebrate that our students are finding ways to serve in Jesus’ name that are hard to quantify.

Fall 2020 Registration
We are still looking forward to the fall semester, with the expectation that normal instruction can resume. Advising for selection of fall-semester classes has already begun, and registration begins March 30. Students should look for messages from their school and advisor and follow those instructions for successful and timely registration. Students can also contact for help with registration.

May commencement on both campuses is canceled. We know this is a blow to all those who planned to graduate in May. We will plan a big commencement celebration for May graduates on both campuses later this year. May graduates, look for a survey in your inbox asking for your preferences about how we might proceed. More details to come, including information about graduation fees. Meanwhile, diplomas will be printed and mailed to graduates as always, after grades have been submitted and reviewed.

We will not resume our typical chapel services on the Florida campus. We will, instead, offer a time for our campuses to pray together online. Each Tuesday (March 31, April 7, April 14, and April 21) tune into Facebook at 9:00 a.m. to join us live in prayer.

Further, we are making plans to offer virtually some of the special chapels that are so important to our campus community (i.e. Senior Chapel, Baccalaureate Chapel, Awards Chapel). Watch your email for more details.

We hope you will participate in each of these opportunities, though attendance is not mandatory. Chapel attendance was last tracked on March 12.

Moving out of the apartments
Campus residents are required to return to campus to remove their personal belongings from their apartment, clean their apartment, and return home for the remainder of the academic year.

Students MUST schedule a move-out date before arriving on campus to limit the number of individuals in any one area at one time. All residents must be moved out by 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 18. Click here to schedule a move-out date.

No students are permitted to skip class to move out. The Resident Director will work with students to schedule times most convenient for them.

Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in an area with active COVID-19 may be required to schedule a move-out time at a later date.

Students should plan to arrive early in the day of their assigned move-out day so as to avoid spending the night on campus. Students who live far away and need to spend the night should contact the Resident Director for approval before doing so. Students who live close to the University should not spend the night on campus. Students should not enter any apartment other than their own during this time.

Students who do not have any place to go should email .

Non-traditional on-campus housing is not affected. All families living in non-traditional campus housing can remain in their apartments. JUFL is your home.

Students who remain on campus may use the facilities located in the Student Union Building during regular non-curfew hours. Commuters and residential students who have moved out should not return to campus to use campus recreational facilities at this time.

The swimming pool and outdoor recreational areas may still be accessed by students, faculty, and staff. Please adhere to social distancing practices.

The Student Life Office will remain open from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Mail services will still run on campus, but please make sure you send all mail and packages to your current location. If you have left packages that you are in need of, please contact the . Any packages forwarded will be at the student’s expense.

Students who have applied to live on campus over the summer:
– If you are on campus now, you do not need to move out. Please wait for further instructions.
– If you are not currently on campus but you wish to be, please contact Micaela Cox for a Housing Exemption Form.
– If you need to apply for summer housing, click here to fill out the application.

Osceola County is currently under a “Stay At Home” order, meaning that although county residents (including those residing on the JUFL campus) may keep doctors’ appointments, shop for groceries, and make other necessary trips, in general they must not leave their homes. Most businesses are closed. In addition, Osceola County officials have put in place a curfew (absolutely no travel, for any purpose) from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each night.  The curfew is being strictly enforced.  If you wish to travel to the JUFL campus to collect your belongings from student housing, you should first make an appointment as noted above.  When you travel, you will want to carry with you a printed copy of this announcement, along with your JUFL Student ID card, for presentation to the authorities in case you are stopped.  The authorities may contact Micaela at 407-569-1169 or Mike Chambers at 314-856-5721 to confirm your status.

Beginning the week of April 13, 2020, student accounts will be updated to reflect refunds for room and board for the period of March 21 through the end of the spring semester. The credit on the student account will be based on the prorated amount for on-campus housing and meal plans not previously adjusted. The credit will be posted to the student account and will be first used to offset any outstanding balance. Should a credit balance remain, the student will need to request a refund check or may choose to leave the credit on their account for the summer or fall semester. The Student Account Office will email the student’s JU email address with additional details regarding account balances and refund options once the credits are determined.

Financial Aid
There will be no changes to your financial aid at Johnson including your institutional, state, and federal aid amounts.

Some jobs may continue to be utilized, but the majority will not. Please check with your supervisor to see if there is an option for you to continue to work in your current job for the time frame originally set for your position.