Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions

The following excerpts are from the Faculty Guidebook, which is available upon request from the Academic Dean:

6. Intellectual Property Review Board

6.1 The IPRB
Johnson University will appoint an Intellectual Property Review Board (IPRB) as an advisory body to the President. The board will be comprised of at least three persons, including one person from the finance department, one from the academic office, and one from the faculty. Members will be appointed by the President. The board will meet at least one time each year. The purpose of this board is to advise the Chief Academic Officer and to interpret the terms of the Intellectual Property Policy. The IPRB will elect one person to serve as chair for one calendar year, beginning in January.

6.2 Disputes Concerning Intellectual Property
Any person disputing a decision or policy of Johnson University concerning intellectual property will be advised to appeal to the IPRB. The IPRB will attempt to resolve the dispute within two weeks of written notification from the person making the appeal. If a satisfactory negotiation of the dispute cannot be made within two weeks, the Chief Academic Officer will appoint legal counsel and/or an independent mediator agreed upon by the University and the person(s) disputing the policy.