Dr. Carol Decker

Associate Dean of the School of Business and Leadership, MBA Program Director, Professor of Business Administration
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B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing (University of Tennessee)
B.S. in Accounting (Tennessee Wesleyan College)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Business Administration (University of Tennessee)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance (Golden Gate University)
M.S. in Marketing (Golden Gate University)
Ph.D. in Human Resource Development (University of Tennessee)

My favorite part about teaching at Johnson is: The opportunity to connect faith and content with students and peers.

When I’m not teaching, I love to: Continue working on songs and music for my gospel music recordings. Outside of this I enjoy experiencing the outdoors by camping, hiking, and fishing.

In my classes, students can expect: An applied approach to learning in a very exciting, interactive, and participatory environment.

My best advice to a new student in my program is: To use every course in the business program as an opportunity to explore how God can use you in the business marketplace.

Because of my influence, I most want my students to become: Examples and tokens for good in the world of business.

The myth-busting truth about my discipline I most want people to understand is: As a business professional, you do have the opportunity to change the world for Christ in a business mission field.

A quote that influences how I live is: “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, ‘Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons….’” (Acts 10:34).