I started in the pre-nursing program’s very first class, and I’ll be a senior this fall. I loved the atmosphere here, and my grandparents live in Seymour so I had opportunities to visit and get to know people. I was amazed at how people here cared about me and how they care about each other.

I know wherever I end up will be something fast-paced! I am doing the externship program with the University of Tennessee Medical Center, and I requested emergency room/trauma as my placement. My experience so far has been everything I expected and more. I can already tell this is going to be one of the best learning experiences in my educational career.

I came to Johnson feeling academically unprepared. This program is challenging, but the professors really took time to help. Dr. Merritt taught me how to look through a microscope — that’s how behind I was when I began freshman year! My professors told me, “I’m here for you; if you need me to explain this a different way, I will.” They really want you to learn.

Moving to Tennessee was a new start for me. I loved how chapel grounded us in Jesus. The people here really love Jesus and I’d never experienced such kindness. I want to know these professors for life. They have really impacted me.