Dr. Michael Shannon

Indiana Program Director, Professor of Congregational Ministry
B.A. in Bible (Milligan College)
M.Min. in Ministry (Kentucky Christian University)
M.Div. in Divinity (Cincinnati Christian University)
D.Min. in Ministry (Reformed Theological Seminary)

Books and Other Projects: Lighten Up

Practical Ministry in the Real World

Contributor to Preaching Magazine


My favorite part about teaching at Johnson is: Connecting with students, faculty and staff in the common purpose of extending the kingdom of God among all nations.

When I’m not teaching, I love to: Go to baseball games or watch The Andy Griffith Show.

In my classes, students can expect: I will care as much as the student cares, sometimes even more.

My best advice to a new student in my program is: Your studies are an endeavor you pursue to honor God and serve his kingdom.

Because of my influence, I most want my students to become: Well-rounded disciples and communicators.

The myth-busting truth about my discipline I most want people to understand is: There is no magic formula to becoming a great preacher. I takes hard work, practice, and responding to feedback.

A quote that influences how I live is: The only thing that is the end of the world is the end of the world.