Dr. Alicia Crumpton

Ph.D. Program Director, Professor of Leadership Studies
B.A. in Christian Education (Lincoln Christian University)
M.S. in Information Science (University of Michigan)
Ph.D. in Leadership Studies (Gonzaga University)

Website: Kaleidoventure


My favorite part about teaching at Johnson is: Hearing students’ dreams and being part of something much larger than I can imagine in what God is doing in our students’ lives and leadership.

When I’m not teaching, I love to: Explore cities looking for street art and graffiti. Public art has the power to create a sense of belonging and community. Art communicates beyond words to those deeply experienced aspects of our humanity.

In my classes, students can expect: A lot of reading, interaction, and fun. Critical exploration and theoretical discussions are balanced with practical application, reflection, and fun interaction. Conversation and reflection create an iron sharpening iron environment where we all learn together.

My best advice to a new student in my program is: Know that you were chosen to be part of the program and we believe in your capacity. Just start walking and keep going – this journey is yours to take and we’re walking with you. You’re not alone.

Because of my influence, I most want my students to become: Seers – leaders equipped with the capacity to observe and question a scenario seeing its many facets (versus 2D) and to move the conversation and strategies toward more just responses.

The myth-busting truth about my discipline I most want people to understand is: Leadership studies is not solely about the leader – it’s about humanity in organizations and society.

A quote that influences how I live is: “It is no longer simply a matter of coming up with systemic changes or ways of reorganizing things. . . . an engineer’s relation to the world. If things are to change fundamentally for the better, we must begin elsewhere. We must start from the inside, with ourselves. We must recognize ourselves as unique subjects of Being, as unrepeatable and un-transferable sources of all responsibility, as being directly and unconditionally related to them miracle of creation as a whole.” – Vaclav Havel